The United Kingdom is the 9th largest export economy in the world, with a GDP of $2.7 trillion. 

In 2015, the UK imported: $630B of goods
In 2015, the UK exported: $466B of goods

Importing Freight from the UK

The world’s largest empire, the British Empire, was built on trade. Add to that, Britain’s strategic position between Europe and North America, and London’s position as the world’s leading financial centre (it wrested that title back from New York in 2015), it’s economy is geared for business. Good business demands good logistics, and makes the top ten on the World Bank’s logistics performance index (8th position).

The country has the world’s 18th busiest cargo traffic airport (Heathrow) and the 36th busiest container port (Felixstowe).

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Top UK Export Commodities

Industrial Machinery $64.4 billion
Precious Stones & Metals $54.8 billion
Motor Vehicles & Parts $50.2 billion
Pharmaceuticals $35.8 billion
Oil & Mineral Fuels $32.7 billion

UK Import Trends

Ocean Exports from the US to the UK

Ocean Exports from China to the UK

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List of Import/Export Ports in the UK

Port UN Port Code
Port of London LON
Port of Felixstowe FXT
Port of Grangemouth GRG
Port of Immingham IMM
Port of Liverpool LIV
Port of Thamesport THP
Port of Southampton STN
Port of Teesport MID
Port of Tilbury LON

Import Taxes From the UK

  • All VAT on goods sent from non-EU countries must be paid by the receiver
    • Gifts worth more than 39 Euro
    • Other goods worth more than 15 Europe
    • Alcohol, tobacco, fragrances
  • If goods are not declared, they may be seized
  • For more information on UK tax laws, please see here

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