Freightos Freight Index Update

March 5-12 2017 (W10)

By Noam Fraenkel, VP Data & Analytics, Freightos

Weekly insights from the Freightos International Freight Index

Despite talks of a seller’s market, China-US spot rate import prices for 40’ containers have continued to drop ever since peaking prior to the Chinese New Year in January. This continued drop represents a potential market correction and return to 2016 prices. That said, Trans-Pacific prices still remain some 15% higher than 2016 prices, while Asia – US East Coast prices dropped significantly under 2016 levels for the first time this year . This change is consistent across both higher and lower pricing tiers and may be partially due to market wariness regarding stability as the carriers realign in alliances beginning April 2017. China-Europe shipping rates have remained stable, without any significant change over the past three weeks.

On the Transatlantic routes, spot rates from the US to Europe since the beginning of 2017 have fluctuated rapidly while Europe-US rates have started to climb after bottoming out at $1375 in early March.

Route Price 1 Trend
China – US Blended $1,662 ?
China – US East Coast $2,917 ?
China – US West Coast $1,425 ?
US – Europe $293 ?
Europe – US $1,470 ?
China – Europe $1,698

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