How Freightos Works

Freightos helps you instantly search, compare and book international freight quotes, drawing on a global network of great freight logistics providers.

You’ll be able to sort freight quotes from different providers by cost, transit time, mode (air/ocean) and more. Once you find the right quote and click book, the freight provider you selected will reach out to confirm pickup and finalize any remaining details. Freightos will also help facilitate payments to the forwarder.

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Throughout the process, our in-house freight experts will be there to help you find the right quote and answer any questions throughout the shipment.

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Who’s Moving Your Cargo:

The Freightos Logistic Providers

Your cargo is important to us. We vet every logistics provider offering service on Freightos, through in-person visits to their office, phone calls with their senior management, and keeping a careful eye on how they do business.

Don’t just take our word for it. After shipping on Freightos, you can review your logistics provider’s performance. All reviews are posted on our website for everyone to see, giving all Freightos users more insight into any provider’s performance.

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The Quoting Process

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Finding the Right Quote

Ready to ship? Just enter your load type, origin, destination and select any relevant options, like insurance or hazardous material. Don’t worry about whether you’re shipping by air or ocean yet – you’ll be able to filter search results later.

Once you search, you’ll see all-in transparent freight pricing from our verified forwarders. If your shipment has multiple components, like trucking and air, you’ll see a breakdown of the entire shipment.

Skip to the fastest or cheapest quote with the sort button on the top…or remove certain carriers or modes from the results with the filter options on the left.

Clicking anywhere on the quote tile will expand the view, providing you with a full breakdown of the price.

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Booking a Quote

Now that you have a great quote from an awesome forwarder (and the Freightos team there to help), it’s time to book your quote.

Click “Select” to see the full quote breakdown and then “Continue Booking”. Once you confirm that the shipment details are accurate, enter your contact information and click “Place Order”.

Pro Tip: Not ready to book at this point? You can always save the quote for later.

Can’t find the perfect quote?
If you don’t see a quote that works for you, we have a team of freight experts are on standby to get a custom quote from our forwarders.

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What Happens After I Book

Freightos and your forwarder will get your quote details. You’ll get a personal confirmation within 24 hours to arrange pickup, payment, and collect relevant documents, such as your commercial invoice and certificate of origin. At any point after you book, you can speak to a Freightos expert with questions.

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In order to protect you and the forwarder throughout the transaction, Freightos collects your payment on behalf of the forwarder. Once you book the quote, a Freightos representative will reach out to you to discuss payment details and options.

The price on the quote is binding until the expiration date. However, it assumes that the details you provided are accurate. If the weight or dimensions of the load are different than reported, or if the shipment isn’t ready on time, you could face extra charges.

Once you book, you still have one business day to cancel the order for no charge. The one exception to this is if the forwarder already started working on your order. Of course, this won’t happen until a Freightos representative has confirmed your order.



Start by asking how urgent the delivery is, how valuable the goods are and how big or heavy the shipment is. Air freight is the fastest, most reliable, and safest method of shipping goods. Of course, it’s also the most expensive.

As a rule of thumb, air freight is generally used when the shipping costs is less than 15-20% of the value of the goods. Air freight is often a good option for a very high-value products or products that have a hard deadline. Just note that it will cost more.

Sea freight makes up the majority of freight shipments. It’s much slower than air but is the dominant mode of transport because of its capacity advantage and lower prices.

When getting a shipment ready, you’ll want the invoice from the goods, which forwarders will use to describe the shipment content. During the shipment, your goods will receive a bill of lading- the evidence of the contract between shipper and charter. This serves as the primary transport document, is the required document for customs clearance and is the ‘deed’ to the cargo.

You need to specify if you’re shipping hazardous goods as prices are higher and not all vendors are certified to ship your goods. Most hazardous goods are shipped by ocean, rather than air.

If you are shipping something hazardous, make sure you check the box when requesting a quote so you get accurate prices. Even unexpected products, like lithium batteries or flammable liquids can be considered hazardous. To ship these goods will require additional paperwork, such as a Material Safety Data Sheet. But don’t worry, we’ll be there to walk you through the process.

The UN Model Regulations that govern the classification system depending on the danger it presents to the carrier. Your factory should be able to indicate if the goods produced fall into one of these categories.

This may seem obvious but you need to know exactly where your shipment starts its journey and where it ends. Specifically, does the shipment begin at a street address – factory or warehouse – or a port? For example, many manufacturers will deliver your goods to the nearest port (also called FOB shipping). A port can refer to either an airport or seaport.

The more information you have about the pickup and delivery locations, the easier it will be to make sure your shipment runs smoothly, with accurate, all-in pricing and no hidden charges.

Incoterms refer to which party in the shipment – the shipper (consignor) or the receiver (consignee) – is responsible for the goods during each leg of the shipment. Many factories ship FOB, which means that the shipper will pay to ship the goods to a port but the receiving party will pay for the shipment after that. Learn more about Incoterms here
Sorry, Freightos only supports business shipments for now.
Most shippers will choose to insure their shipments, as things can always go wrong. If you’re using Freightos, just make sure to click the “Insurance” box on the quote search page.
Within 24 hours of booking, you can cancel any shipment. However, if you already finalized the quote with a forwarder and he has incurred pickup costs, certain fees may apply. Questions about our cancellation policy? Drop us a line to ask us specifics.

About Freightos

Meet Freightos

Freightos was founded by Zvi Schreiber, an entrepreneur who discovered that freight shipping was more complicated and frustrating than it should be. We’re creating a better freight shipping experience by connecting companies online with leading logistics providers.

Over the past four years, Freightos has helped global forwarders automate freight sales.

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Beyond the quotes, we’ve already raised nearly $25 million in funding and have a team of over 100 people around the world.
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Our technology and our on-staff freight experts are here to support your shipping needs, helping you focus less on freight and more on growing your business.

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