Logistics and Freight Data for Research, Marketing and Sales (Free Download)

Eytan Buchman

“For every two degrees the temperature goes up, check-ins at ice cream shops go up by 2%.”

Andrew Hogue, Head of Search at Foursquare

Data makes the world go around. More powerful computers, better collection methods and nearly infinite storage have let to an explosion of big data that have unleashed very powerful insights. But looking for specific information like looking for a needle in a haystack.

We’ve compiled 37 key freight and logistics facts, ranging from annual global exports and EU imports to the annual revenue of the top 40 freight forwarders in the world. You can check out our favorite facts below…or download the full file yourself. It’s fully sourced and split into three chapters:

  1. Global Import and Export Data
  2. Facts about land, ocean and air shipping
  3. Data on 3PLs and forwarders


Curious what it looks like? Here are ten of facts in the file:

  1. In 2011, 302,000 companies exported goods from the United States. Almost 98% of them were SMEs with under 500 employees.
  2. In 2013, 8.2% of the USA’s GDP was spent on logistics expenses. This is a slight drop from 2012’s 8.2% and a drop from 2007’s record 9.9%.
  3. Three countries – USA, Germany and China – are responsible for over 25% of all global exports, making up $5.1 trillion dollars of the global $18.7 trillion in annual exports.
  4. Ships are getting bigger. About 50% of all ships on orderbooks today have capacity of over 10,000 TEUs.
  5. Despite Maersk capacity of 18,270 TEUs, the most TEUs a container ship ever carried was 17,063 on board the MV Mary Maersk (Spain to Malaysia, July 2014).
  6. In 2013, revenue for the top 40 global logistics companies was $225.2 billion. This was virtually identical to 2012 revenue.
  7. The global contract logistics industry is incredibly fragmented. The top ten forwarders control only 20.4% of the market and the top three control a little over 10% (DHL: 7.7%, K+N: 2.1%, CEVA: 2.1%).
  8. Invoice errors in shipping are responsible for roughly $684 million of errors annually.
  9. As larger ships take over, the older ships are being put out to pasture. By July 2014, about 55 ships were scrapped per month this year.
  10. As of June 2014, there are about 5,090 container ships in the world. Global TEU capacity is about 17.8 million TEU.

Eytan Buchman

CMO, Freightos Group

Eytan Buchman loves freight so much he shouts out container sizes while he walks around. He’s obsessed with marketing, data storytelling (it’s a thing!) and bakes really good cookies. He’s the Chief Marketing Officer at the Freightos Group, which runs Freightos, the world’s leading online freight marketplace, and WebCargo, the digital network connecting logistics providers with airlines and ocean liners. When he’s not thinking about pallets, he hosts the Marketers in Capes podcast, and consults to a number of startups and nonprofits. He still likes Minidisc players and has never skied. Ever.

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