The Port of Kaohsiung

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Location: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Global Ranking: 6
Official Website:


The port of Kaohsiung located in Southern Taiwan near the Cijin, Cianjhen, Yancheng, Gushen, Lingya, and Siaogang cities. The history of the port dates back to the 16th century and there is a museum and park located at the southern side of the port describing the history of the area.


12.7 km2 total water area
372 shipping lanes
121 wharves
5 linked ports
367 linked countries
25 container wharves
2 passenger wharves
64 warehouse buildings
9 storage yards
1.0 tide
12.5 channel depth
21.6 anchorage depth
9.4 cargo pier depth
11.0 oil terminal depth


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