The Port of Nansha (CNNSA)

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Location: South China Sea
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Additional Details:
  • Nansha Port Code: CNNSA
  • Port of Nansha is the only gateway to the ocean for Guangzhou-Foshan economic area
  • Contains three new berths of up to 30,000 DWT capacity each are under construction
  • The shoreline of Longxue Island is long enough for the construction of over 50 berths of up to 50,000 DWT capacity


The Port of Nansha (CNNSA) is located in the Longxue Island at Panyu Guangzhou at the west bank of the Pearl River.

Port of Nansha (CNNSA) Statistics

Depth -13 m
Number of berth units 4
Length of Quay 1400 m
Total Area 1,820,000 m
Vessels in port 119
Gantry cranes 36

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