The Port of Shenzhen (CNSZX) China

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Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong
Port Code: CNSZX
Global Ranking: 3
Official Website:


The Port of Shenzhen (CNSZX) spreads out alongside Shenzhen’s coastline, which is 260 kilometers. The port is separated by the Kowloon Peninsula into the eastern and western port. The port is roughly 37.04 kilometers from Hong Kong and 111.12 kilometers from Guangzhou.



Port of Shenzhen Statistics

39 shipping companies
131 international container routes
560 ships
21 feeder routes to various other ports in the Pearl River Delta Region
51 berths for vessels (10,000 tons of deadweight (DWT) and above
90 operational berths (43 are of 10,000 DWT or more)
18 container berths
9 consignee berths, (3 are of 10,000 DWT or more)
18 passenger ferry berths
23 non production berths

Ship Freight Cargo from Shenzhen (CNSZX):

LOCATION of Shenzhen (CNSZX)

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