Project Description

Want to embed the Freight Rate Estimator Widget on your site?

Here is how:
1.Copy the following code and paste it to your HTML page near the closing tag of the body:

<script src="" data-id="freightos-estimator" type="text/javascript"></script>


2. Then add the following html tag where you want the widget to appear:



The freight estimator can be configured to search for actual quotes instead of estimates that are pulled from your Freightos Account. This can be achieved by providing the following parameters to the main loading script:

  • data-key: your private API Key provided from Freightos. Contact if you don’t have one.
  • data-site: used to pull rates from your private site on freightos. Leave blank to get rates from public Freightos Marketplace.
  • data-partner: partnersite subdomain (e.g. ).
  • data-cheapest-each-mode: true/false (default true) to retrieve only the best quote per mode
  • data-affiliate: your affiliate hash provided from Freightos (checkout Freightos Affiliate Program)
  • data-direct-to-marketplace: true/false to direct the users to the partner site when they click on ‘Get live quotes’ button.

For example:



The Estimator widget can be also provided un-styled to apply custom styles. This can be achieved by add unstyled to the estimator tag.

<estimator unstyled></estimator>