Future of Freight Webinar Series

The Future of Freight is a webinar series of open conversations with the logistics technology innovators shaping its future. It is proudly tailored to a select audience of listeners who are equally home with APIs as they are with TEUs, crossing rank and industry to find big thinkers.

Previous Episodes

Join thousands of logistics tech professionals who have listened to insights from previous episodes:

Kareem Naouri, CEO at LogistaaS 6/9/22

Robert Khachatryan, CEO, Freight Right 2/8/22

Philip Blumenthal, CTO, ECU Worldwide 1/6/22

Judah Levine, Freightos Group 12/5/22

Mac Sullivan, NNR Global 13/4/22

Ruben Huber, Founder, OceanX 23/3/22

Julian Counihan, General Partner, Schematic Ventures 2/3/22

Eric Rempel, CIO, Redwood Logistics | 8/2/22

Michael Rolle, CFO, DHL Supply Chain | 19/1/22

James Coombes, CEO, Vector.ai | 8/12/21

Guilherme Luz, CEO, Parnity | 20/10/21

Carl-Christoph Reckers, CEO, Uber Freight | 29/9/21

Dan March, CEO, WCA | 28/7/21

Eric Johnson, Senior Technology Editor, JOC | 14/7/21

Christel Alaimo, General Manager, Etihad Cargo | 29/6/21

Glyn Hughes, Director General, TIACA | 9/6/21

Cathy Roberson, Analyst, Journal of Commerce | 26/5/21

André Simha, Global CDIO, MSC and Chairman, DCSA Supervisory Board | 13/4/21

Graham Cousins, Chief Strategy Officer, Vanguard Logistics | 24/3/21

Zvi Schreiber, CEO; and Judah Levine, Research Lead, at Freightos Group | 10/3/21

Peter Hove Hildebrandt and Sune Stilling, Founders, Project Aviato | 16/2/21

Brian Glick, Founder and CEO, Chain.io | 27/01/21

Santosh Sankar, Dynamo Ventures | 10/12/20

Amit Agarwal, DSV Panalpina// DHL | 18/11/20

Adam Banks, Former CTO/CIO, Maersk | 21/10/20

Jenna Brown, CEO and Cofounder, Shipamax | 30/9/20

Robert Kunen, VP Distribution & Customer Service, Air France KLM Martinair Cargo | 1/9/20

Neil Ackerman, Head of Advanced Technologies, Global Supply Chain, Johnson & Johnson | 4/8/20

Jamin Dick, Head of Supply Chain, North America, Alibaba | 23/7/20

Biju Kewalram, Chief Digital Officer, Agility Logistics | 8/7/20

Dr Ralf Belusa, Chief Digital Officer, Hapag Lloyd | 23/6/20

Eric Johnson, Technology Editor, Journal of Commerce | 9/6/20

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