Mighty Morphin’ Freight Forwarders

Future of Freight Episode #27

Aired: March 23rd, 2022

In Episode #27 of Future of Freight we interviewed Ruben Huber, the founder of OceanX.Network

The last two years may have been a blur for many but for supply chain, it’s felt like a decade. With changing carrier/forwarder/shipper relationships, new technology deployed, radical volatility, and capacity that is constraining global supply chains, it has also been a very hard two years. But what about tomorrow? And the next five years?

This episode discusses:

  • What will freight forwarders be doing fundamentally differently in 2030?
  • What will the love triangle across carriers, forwarders and shippers look like?
  • Does rate management matter in an API-first world?

Note: This webinar assumes some prior understanding of the logistics technology ecosystem