Product Quality Control and Your Supply Chain

Aired: July 22nd @ 10:00am EST, 16:00 CET

With high freight rates and delays, keeping your goods shipping means ensuring that the products you source aren’t faulty and meet mandated safety standards. But how can you make sure this is done right (and quickly)? 

 In July 2021, and QC pros, QIMA, got together to discuss product quality control in the context of the current container shipping crisis.



Dory Lanenter, Sr. Quality Control Manager @QIMA and Ethan Buchman, CMO, focused on some main points of particular interest to SMB importers sourcing goods overseas, including:

  • An brief overview of current high freight prices, shipping delays, and container shortages 
  • How this is impacting SMB importers and e-commerce businesses
  • What is Product Quality Control and why do you need it
  • How to find the right QC partner for your needs
  • And more…


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