The Forwarder Future: The Independent Forwarder’s Outlook

Future of Freight Episode #31

Aired: August 2nd, 2022

In 2022, independent forwarders emerging from the COVID supply chain crisis are confronted with a bevy of competition, whether M&A-bolstered multinational forwarders, tech giants like Amazon, retailers who acquired freight forwarders, “digital” forwarders, and, of course, carriers angling in on shippers.

Enter Robert Khachatryan, the CEO of Freight Right, an independent US-based forwarder. In this episode of Future of Freight, we looked at how sophisticated independent forwarders see this brand new freight world…and how they’re planning on staying ahead.

We discussed:

  • How midsize forwarders fit into the broader industry’s evolution
  • Building an internal culture of experimentation – tech and non-tech
  • The role that software sourcing (and development?!) should play in a forwarder toolkit
  • And more

Note: This webinar assumes some prior understanding of the logistics technology ecosystem