Freightos Features Rollout

By | October 29th, 2013|News|

34 million packages in one day. That’s what some of the larger freight companies are anticipating for the busiest day of this holiday season, December 16th. At Freightos,  our team is hard at work improving Freightos. We’re proud to announce our latest roll-out includes a number of tools and features that will have freight forwarders quoting faster and smarter than ever before: Quote Email Reminders: Ever prepare a draft quote and forget about it? You can now get reminders about forgotten quotes directly in your email inbox. Sales Management Emails: Get email reports of sales team performance, broken down by agent or office on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Flight/Sailing Schedule: Freightos now includes constantly updated information about carrier service and lines, straight from the Freightos platform. Knowledge is power! Dozens of improvements: The new roll-out includes an improved look for quotes, the ability to select multiple services in rate quotes, improved adapters and more. Read more about these new features below. FAST (Freight Automated Sales Technology) is the best way to improve the way you manage your contracts and automate quotes. Rest assured that while you’re busy revolutionizing the way you sell freight, we’re already back at the drawing table, thinking up ways to make the Freightos experience better. […]