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The Ultimate Logistics Startup List

How much do we love freight innovation?

Enough to go through every single article published in the top tech blogs –  Techcrunch, Verge, Mashable and Recode –  since 2007 to count how often articles about logistics startups, freight or cargo were published.

And we found that freight innovation is hot. Really hot.

Freight Innovation Charts

It’s no coincidence that  Transport Intelligence just emailed me an invitation to The Future of Logistics conference. The email subject? “Is disruption ahead for the future of logistics?”

So I spoke to everyone I knew in the field and looked through some other sources (Crunchbase, Jonathan Wichmann’s great list of logistics startups site, CB Insights and more) to come up with the ULTIMATE LIST of disruptive logistics startups.

We LOVE how they’re embracing technology to change logistics and improve the end-user’s life.

Logistics is the prime example of a changing industry – colossal, ripe for disruption and utterly opaque. And it’s about to get hit by a freight train of innovation.


BellhopsMovers marketplace matching shipping requirement with freelance student drivers.@bellhopnation
BuddytrukMarketplace matching movers with freelance truck drivers. L.A., Austin.@buddytruk
CargomaticApp platform matching last mile requirements with nearby carriers who have spare space.@CargomaticHQ
DropshipSupply chain platform matching drop-ship retailers, manufacturers, distributors and freight forwarders.@dropshipcom
Fleet (was Shipstr)Freight Forwarder comparator for shippers, with upcoming online freight sales platform.@TryFleet
FreightosFreight cloud-based marketplace matching shippers and freight forwarders. Provides forwarders and enterprise shippers with rate management, automated quoting, tender automation and business intelligence.@freightos
GhostruckMovers marketplace matching local couriers, including movers uploading item photos into an app. L.A. only.@ghostrucks
HavenFreight marketplace where shippers bid for container slots.@havenmx
Keychain LogisticsFreight marketplace software matching shippers and trucking carriers, thereby eliminating freight forwarders.@keychain
RoostCrowdsourcing marketplace matching storage requirements with consumers who have spare storage or a spare parking space.@Roost
shlep logoSchlepMarketplace matching movers with freelance truck drivers. Chicago only.@schlepit
ShareMyStorageCrowdsourcing platform matching storage requirements with consumers who have extra space. U.K. only.@ShareMyStorage
ShipsterMarketplace matching small load delivery requirements with freelance, local couriers and long-distance forwarders. Now Closed.@Shipster
TransfixFreight marketplace matching truckers with shippers.@transfixio
TransportecaFreight marketplace matching LCL shippers and ocean freight forwarders on limited routes (Cloud).@Transporteca
uShipFreight marketplace where carriers, primarily U.S Truckers, bid on B2B and consumer shipments, often filling space in trucks.@uShip
youtruckmeYoutruckmeSocial network for truckers, that has a minor marketplace freight function.@youtruckme

Fleet Management


KeepTruckinLog-book and tracking system for trucking companies, with app for drivers.@KeepTruckinInc
Local MotionImproved vehicle sharing efficiency and monitoring based on an in-car device.@getlocalmotion
MuniRentPlatform enabling public agencies more efficiently share heavy duty equipment, including with other agencies.@munirent
TruckTrackLogistics platform for trucking companies, including HR and Finance modules.@trucktrackco




BoxbeePersonal storer service – Pick up, storage and retrieval.@boxbee
HCI 4 foldHolland Container InnovationsImproved cargo capacity by innovative 40 foot container design (fold).@4foldcontainers
MakeSpaceSimilar to a personal shopper, but this is a personal storer, including pick-up, storage and retrieval.@makespace
StaxxonImproved cargo capacity by innovative container design (fold and nest).@Staxxon


Freight Forwarding


DeposcoCloud-based full supply chain management, including freight forwarding.@deposco
FlexportOnline (cloud-based) freight forwarder for enterprise shippers.@flexportinc
Freight FilterOnline freight forwarder, with instant carrier quoting. U.K. only.@freightfilter
icontainers shortiContainersOnline freight forwarder, with instant carrier quoting.@iContainers
Pivot FreightEnd to end supply chain solution, for the mid-market which includes a freight rate comparator.@PivotFreight
XenetaAn information Service providing ocean freight rates and transit times, useful for benchmarking by shippers and freight forwarders.@Xeneta_AS
KontainersOnline freight forwarder (U.K.-China) primarily for SME shippers.@KontainersUK


Package Delivery


BarnacleCrowdsourcing platform that matches shipments with freelance drivers, using Facebook for verification. The company has closed.@GoBarnacle
delivApp for on-demand service that utilises freelance passenger delivery drivers. Select U.S. cities. Recently acquired similar operation – We Deliver.@deliv
DoorDashTakeout Order and Delivery Service optimising small restaurant deliveries for freelance couriers.@DoorDash
DoormanService based on delivering at a time that suits the receiver.@Doorman
FriendShipprCrowdsourcing platform that matches shipments with Facebook friends who are traveling.@friendshippr
kanga logoKanga TechnologyBoth a delivery service software platform (utilising freelance drivers and courier companies) that can be white labeled, and an app service (Kanga Delivery) utilising freelance drivers.@getkanga
MatternetDrone transportation for short deliveries, including last mile.@matternet
NimberCrowdsourcing platform that matches shipments with space in passenger vehicles heading in that direction. North Europe only.@nimber
PiggyBeeCrowdsourcing platform that matches shipments with travelers.@piggybeetw
PostmatesOn-Demand app service utilising freelance drivers/riders. Select U.S. cities.@postmates
RickshawSame-day service, with advanced route optimisation, utilising freelance couriers. API and app access. San Francisco only.@GoRickshaw
RoadieCrowdsourcing platform, accessed by app, utilising spare space in passenger vehicles heading in that direction.@Roadie
ShutlApp for on-demand service for online retailers that utilises freelance passenger delivery drivers.@shutl
TrunkBirdCrowdsourcing platform that matches shipments with travelers, who then travel for free. Europe only.@TrunkBird
UberCARGONot so much parcel delivery, on-demand moving and small load delivery service that utilises freelance van drivers. Hong Kong only.#ubercargo @Uber
UberRUSHApp for on-demand service that utilises freelance passenger delivery drivers. San Francisco only.@uber
zipmentsSame-day service, with advanced route optimisation, using freelance couriers and connects with E-Commerce, but also web and app. New York only.@zipments




Parcel PendingSecure package pick-up at on-site (apartment complexes, business parks, student dorms, etc) electronic lockers.@ParcelPending
BufferboxSecure package pick-up at company-site electronic lockers. Google acquired in 2012 and recently shut business down.@BufferBox
LockitronA deadlock remote controlled by a smart-phone, as an alternative to both key exchange for short-term home-rent (e.g. airbnb), and to warehouse storage for absent small business owners.@lockitron
SwapboxSecure package pick-up at company-site electronic lockers. San Francisco only.@swapbox
WeftSoftware that provides end to end tracking of containers.@weftio
WindwardInformation and predictive analytics on vessel activity.@WindwardOceans


Specialized Shipping


aeropostAeropostProvides online shoppers from Latin America a U.S. shipping address for E-Commerce purchasing.@AerocasillasSJO
Bongo InternationalShipping platform for E-Commerce enabling international online shoppers to access U.S and E.U. E-Commerce sites. Recently acquired by Fedex.@bongous
BoxcShipping platform for E-Commerce aggregated for discounted U.S.-China freight-forwarding. Attractive for drop-shippers, especially with the option of outsourced logistics.@BoxCLogistics
Cloud FulfillmentOutsourced logistics cloud-based solution for E-Commerce.@CloudFulfilment
EasyPostParcel shipping API which includes tracking and shipping rates (select carriers).@easypost
PostmasterParcel shipping API which includes tracking and shipping rates (select carriers).@postmaster_io
ShipBobSimilar to a personal shopper, but this is a personal shipper for parcels, initiated by uploading item photos into an app. Select U.S. cities, eg Chicago.@LoveShipBob
ShiphawkOutsourced logistics solution for E-Commerce, including multi-modal freight exact quoting and tracking.@ShipHawk
ShippoShipping platform (API and app) for E-Commerce connecting with leading freight forwarders to achieve discounted parcel rates and bulk discounts.@goshippo
ShipwireOutsourced logistics cloud-based solution for E-Commerce.@shipwire
ShypSimilar to a personal shopper, but this is a personal shipper for parcels, initiated by uploading item photos into an app. Select U.S. cities, eg L.A.@shyp
SnapnshipParcel shipping app with visualiser which predicts packing/label requirements.@snapnship