New Bans on Handouts, Free Food at Supply Chain and Logistics Trade Shows

Ban on trade show boothsLast night, the World Trade Show Association released their annual list of regulations and rules governing supply chain tradeshows. The organization, which rarely asserts its power, recently concluded an overarching study, leading to the first ever formulation of regulations. In a surprisingly bold move, the 2014 regulations include sweeping bans on:
Distribution of hand-outs or freebies of any sort, in particular gadgets and gizmos”.
 The distribution of promotional items is a long-respected tradition at trade shows around the world but, with the exception of “portable USB drives with the capacity of 256MB or less“, all handouts at logistic shows are now forbidden.
Chris Matteson-Holter, a spokesperson for the WTSA explained the decision, saying:
The vast majority of hand-outs are simply crap. A Cold War-type escalation of handout distribution has led to an unacceptable proliferation of broken pens, keychains and, worst of all, cloth bags“.
Explaining the 256 MB exception, Matteson-Holder clarified that “We simply feel bad for companies that are under the impression that anyone will use any USB drive that is under 2GB. They have enough hard times ahead of them without this ban.
Coupled with Article 13 of the new regulations, which ban “food distribution of any sort, with the exception of flat beer served by overweight men in body-suits”, hard times seem to be ahead for the freight trade show industry. Research by the McEntire Group from last year has shown that 35% of all participants at trade shows come for the hand-outs alone (see chart below).
McEntire Research (N=1,600): Why Do Sales Teams Visit Trade Shows?

McEntire Research (N=1,600): Why Do Sales Teams Visit Trade Shows?

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