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2017 In The News

Freightos launches ‘FIFI’ aggregated shipping rates index

February, 2017: “Online freight marketplace Freightos has launched its Freightos International Freight Index (FIFI) … FIFI aggregates live freight rates from “hundreds of carriers, forwarders, and shippers,” which Freightos is offering, free of charge, to promote, “data-informed decision-making.”



February, 2017: Zvi Schreiber, in series interviewing industry leaders on how digitalization is transforming shipping.
“(Logistics players) that adapt technology to work better will continue to differentiate with outstanding supply chain service and incredible support … Technology isn’t the enemy; it’s a lifeboat. And the alternative for providers is ctrl-alt-delete.”


NVO spot rates, risk to trans-Pac shippers vary widely

January, 2017: “Zvi Scheiber, CEO of Freightos, explained … that 90% of forwarders normally pay close to the average market rate all year round, but when demand slows, such as for several weeks around the Lunar New Year, an aggressive 10% of NVOs will pay much lower rates than the majority.”


Why Tackling Tough Problems From Personal Experience Is Key To Startup Success

January, 2017: “Our team is a cast of all-stars with experience at top tech … and logistics companies. Collaboration, not antagonistic disruption, was key. Airbnb couldn’t do it without apartment owners, Uber couldn’t do it without tax drivers, and Freightos couldn’t have done it without the freight professionals.”


2016 In The News

18 Tech Predictions for 2017

December, 2016: “Freight will cost less as small business supply chains get big business capabilities. As LogTech brings the logistics industry online … data is getting more transparent. Real-time access to information is a game-changer, enabling the smallest companies to easily source globally, just like multi-nationals.”


Digitalisation ‘no panacea’ for vessel supply-demand imbalance

December, 2016: “The greater uptake by ocean shipping stakeholders of digital and e-business transactions will reduce costs for lines but will not overcome the fundamental imbalance between vessel supply and demand that has seen freight rates flounder in recent years, according to freight digitalisation specialist Freightos.”


38 enterprise startups that will boom in 2017, according to VC investors

December, 2016: “Why it’s hot: “World’s first B2B marketplace for freight forwarding — result of four years of development to automate one of the largest yet still not ‘disrupted’ industries, the trillion-dollar freight industry. It’s led by serial entrepreneur Zvi Schreiber who has sold previous companies to GE and IBM.”


„Wir wollen das Expedia für Fracht werden“

November, 2016: “Die Plattform ist einfach und übersichtlich … Derzeit funktioniert das Angebot nur auf der Relation China – USA, doch eine Erweiterung um weitere asiatische Staaten ist in Vorbereitung. „In den nächsten fünf Monaten wollen wir so weit sein, dass wir Verkehr zwischen der ganzen Welt und den USA anbieten können“, sagt Schreiber.”


Freightos CEO joins industry voices defending international trade

November, 2016: “Nullifying the Trans Pacific Partnership would be an ‘inauguration gift to China at the expense of rapidly developing countries like Vietnam,’ said Freightos CEO, Zvi Schreiber. He joins a growing list of industry leaders voicing concern that scuttling the deal would put the U.S. at a disadvantage, while empowering China, in direct contradiction to president elect Donald Trump’s campaign promise to, ‘make America great again’.”



Low freight rates aid rock bottom Black Friday prices: Data provider

November, 2016: “Black Friday this week will feature cut-throat deals, but how can this be profitable for retailers? Rock bottom freight rates are contributing to the offers … Figured pulled from the database by Freightos highlighted a few key products that may fill holiday season shopping baskets at lower costs because of shipping rates, noting for example than a $2,000 Apple MacBook Pro costs $1.50 to import into the U.S. by freighter.”


Get automated or in 10 years the industry won’t need you, forwarders warned

October, 2016: Ocean freight forwarders are facing extinction within the next decade unless they embrace booking automation, delegates heard today at TPM Asia in Shenzhen … Zvi Schreiber, chief executive of Freightos, “I think 10 years from now there will be a lot of changes. I don’t think there will be 100,000 forwarders in the world like there are today, and the ones that survive and prosper will be the ones who automate,”


This $1 Trillion Industry Is Finally Going Digital

October, 2016: Logfret’s Millet says his company’s orders through Freightos have grown 66 percent a month since it began participating this past summer, offering a way to tap into new business … “The future of shipping is someone using an app and booking whatever he wants on his phone and making it fun to do, even,” says Millet. “Very mobile, less human interaction.”


Cargo Chaos At Sea

September, 2016: Freightos features in two ways in this news item on the impacts of the Hanjin bankruptcy crisis. First, Morgan Banks comments, “Now, according to online freight shipping marketplace, Freightos, the price for containers has spiked 56% over the pasts week”. Second, the featured line graph showing this price peak is attributed to Freightos.


Freightos Revolutionizes Logistics Operations For Retailers

October, 2016: “The future of freight is changing as we know it and Freightos is at the forefront of the shift in shipping solutions. Considering the current Hanjin bankruptcy crisis, … Freightos is a potential solution for retailers … because it provides an affordable selection of forwarders and transparency from payment to delivery.”


Freightos Buys Air-Cargo Rival to Boost Online Marketplace

August, 2016: “The startup is looking to offer more air routes on its freight-booking marketplace, which launched in July … Freightos is among the largest in a crop of dozens of startups hoping to shake up the global freight-booking market. The company has raised more than $23 million in venture funding, and its acquisition of WebCargoNet would be among the first such deals between freight startups.”


Online freight marketplace Freightos acquires Spain’s WebCargoNet

August, 2016: “To that end, Freightos says that, now it’s combined with WebCargoNet, it’s able to offer over 200 million freight pricing data points, establishing what it claims is the largest freight rate database in existence. ‘The convergence of data from both companies will make it simpler and faster than ever before for carriers and forwarders to sell their services and for importers and exporters to buy, resulting in smoother world trade,’ adds the company.”


Freightos Marketplace: Comparing freight providers made as easy as booking a flight

July, 2016: “Prior to this launch, Freightos automated millions of freight price quotes for some of the world’s largest freight forwarders and supply chain companies. The same routing and pricing technology now powers the Freightos Marketplace giving SME importers and retailers the unprecedented ability to compare, book, and manage freight rates in real-time.”


BBC World News interview with Freightos CEO, Zvi Schreiber, on the Freightos Marketplace

July, 2016: “But the [international freight industry] is much less high tech than you would think. But one company thinks that it can change all that, through what’s called an online marketplace. Freightos is the company.”


Freightos launches online marketplace for China-US imports

July, 2016: “In another step towards automating the freight shipping process, logistics technology company, Freightos,  has launched an online marketplace covering U.S. imports from China by air and ocean.”


HK-based Freightos launches “Expedia for freight”

July, 2016: “Often, companies – especially SMEs – must wait days for a quotation on a freight cargo. This costs billions to the economy and results in small businesses overpaying for freight by up to 40%, the company claims.”


Logistics tech sector funding surges to cut market inefficiencies

July, 2016: “Until now, Freightos has focused on helping forwarders quote faster, but since January, the logistics technology provider has been beta testing its China-to-United States marketplace.”


Logistics tech sector funding surges to cut market inefficiencies

July, 2016: “Much of this was highlighted in the Freightos Logtech Review that looked at disruptive technologies in logistics, listing developments in the high-tech sector during the second quarter starting with established players Amazon and Alibaba.”


The Global Freight Forwarding Report 2016

June, 2016: The 2016 edition of Ti’s Global Freight Forwarding report contains … an examination of the technology supporting and disrupting the industry. “[N]otable customers of Freightos include Hellmann Worldwide, Nippon Express and CEVA.”


The hot list of start-ups around the world

May, 2016: “The annually published Gartner’s Cool Vendors list [of which Freightos was selected] is a prestigious recognition for technology startups, and is considered a good indicator of whether a company will grow or will exit.”


Rate volatility forces forwarders to automate

April, 2016: “Zvi Schreiber, CEO of Freightos, said the volatility was making freight pricing chaotic. ‘Few logistics providers can automate their data management.’  … Freightos recently released a 2016 survey of logistics executives … Among its findings was that almost 90% of forwarders believe technology will secure their future.”


How SaaS is bringing B2B marketplaces back

April, 2016: “Online [B2C] marketplaces are huge [but] by contrast B2B marketplaces have struggled. But a new sophisticated strategy is emerging that promises to help B2B marketplaces get off the ground. – Zvi Schreiber, CEO of Freightos.”


Forwarder survey finds IT adoption key to preserving yield

April, 2016: “Nearly two thirds of freight forwarders surveyed in recent weeks by … Freightos see online pricing platforms as an opportunity. … The report, The Future of Freight, was compiled based on a survey of 92 forwarder executives on a range of customer service and technology adoption questions facing the industry.”


Robots Gain Traction With Supply Chain Managers

April, 2016: “In a separate survey of managers at freight forwarders by shipping software company Freightos Ltd. … ‘While the vast majority of forwarders agree technology is the future of freight, they see many types of technology as over-hyped,’ the report said.”


Automated freight rate platforms reel in big names

March, 2016: “The drive to automate the freight rate process took another step forward with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics announcing a global roll-out of the Freightos rate management and auto-quote system …”


Amazon expands logistics reach in China

February, 2016: ” ‘At the very least, Amazon will begin handling their own freight,’ said Zvi Schreiber, the chief executive of Freightos, a start-up that provides an online marketplace linking forwarders and logistics vendors. ‘The next stage would be to offer the service to third party clients.’ “


Is Logistics About To Get Amazon’ed?

January, 2016: “Thought leadership piece by Freightos CEO, Zvi Schreiber, in TechCrunch mapping out new Amazon prospects in the logistics space. “As an industry, logistics is ripe for technology-driven disruption. And no company is better at leveraging technology to broaden margins than Amazon. Logistics and delivery companies should be tracking these early days of Amazon‘s logistics play like hawks.”


Freightos selected as logistics startup of Q1, 2016

January, 2016: “Freightos, an international, fast-growing SaaS companies, opens our startups list in 2016. After Zvi Schreiber, founder of several companies, found that prices for importing electronic goods from China to the United States took days, he decided to automate freight rates online. Freightos provides global door-to-door price comparisons for all modes, creating an ‘Expedia for Freight.’ “


2015 In The News

2016: The year the freight industry goes online

December, 2015: “2016 will be a big year
Smart money is on a wave of modernization in the freight industry. The enabling technologies are in place, startups are well-funded, and incumbents are also moving online. The demand is there too, with shippers expecting better, more automated services. It’s true that it takes a long time for industries to change, but 2016 is the year where freight embarks wholeheartedly on that road.”


Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2016

December, 2015: “We’re seeing… stronger focus on ease of use, faster deployment, affordable and transparent pricing, and meeting the needs of the small and mid-sized business (SMB) market…a new generation of transportation marketplaces and online services, such as Freightos…that are much-improved versions of their dotcom predecessors.”


Omni-Channel Logistics: A DHL Perspective

December, 2015: “In the future, we could see more and more retailers, manufacturers, and online marketplaces such as Alibaba and Amazon incorporate a logistics marketplace approach as part of the B2B and B2C ordering process…[Freightos is an] Expedia-like platform for freight providing instant, online real-time quoting for all legs of shipment.”


Logistics Companies Face Pressure to Lower Emissions

December, 2015: The freight industry contributes 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions in developed countries…according to research by shipping software company Freightos…Freightos, which developed software to allow freight forwarders to quickly calculate price quotes for customers, offers a feature that calculates the carbon emitted by each cargo move.


Freightos Hires Former DB Schenker Manager in US

November, 2015: [Freightos, the logistics startup bringing freight shipping online for forwarders and shippers, has opened its first U.S. office, led by Philip Blumenthal, DB Schenker’s former manager of the New York region. Freightos already has offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany, and the Middle East.


Will a recent boom in IT startups shake up the forwarding industry?

October, 2015: Freightos and other startups aim to build robust freight rate marketplaces that allow forwarders to provide public quotes in a dynamic way…technologies that enable forwarders to better understand their cost structure, or help minimize costs, are increasingly vital in a market where rates will simply become more transparent.


Shipping Global Cargo in the Internet Age

September, 2015: [Freightos] is out to help you compare real-time quotes and book international freight instantly. Easier said than done, but Freightos is giving it a serious try…Freightos automates the routing and pricing of international freight shipments by working with freight forwarders, which are the backbone of the B2B industry.


Freight Startups Attract Silicon Valley’s Attention

September, 2015: A logistics technology company called Freightos Ltd. has landed $14 million in venture funding to help launch a service that replaces basic Excel and
 PDF files with automated, online price quotes for freight forwarders.


How Technology Is Trying to Bring Some Sanity to the Holiday Shopping Rush

September, 2015: “Over the past year [Freightos] began managing internal pricing systems for Sysco, a food distributor, and Marks & Spencer Group. Freightos helps them track prices buried within their carrier contracts and compare those with industry averages…”This new capital will allow us to take our initial successes with leading forwarders and import-export companies and scale globally,” says Zvi Schreiber, the CEO at Freightos.”


With A Fresh $14M, Freightos Wants To Power The Global Freight Industry

September, 2015: Freightos, essentially, is building the Kayak or Expedia for international shippers. Both individual users and freight forwarders can use the platform to search for and filter shipping options by price, time, route, fees involved, or type of transportation. “It’s quite straightforward, and quite analogous to what you’ve seen in other industries,” says Schreiber. “But in this industry, it’s really quite revolutionary.”


Freight Startups Attract Silicon Valley’s Attention

August, 2015: Silicon Valley investors are piling into companies that want to drag the $160-billion-a-year business of arranging cargo shipments into the Internet age…Freightos markets its technology to conventional freight-forwarders, who use it to gather disparate sources of data on carrier rates, port handling fees, fuel surcharges and other expenses in order to generate price quotes.


Funding the Future: Investing in online logistics startups

August, 2015: One of the most obvious and urgent areas where these online startups are gaining traction in the airfreight industry is in the price-quote side of the business – the source of many complaints from shippers when dealing with freight forwarders…


Startups Compete for Freight Forwarding as They Wade Into Global Shipping

July, 2015: Technology startups are competing to break into freight forwarding, seeking to shake up a $160 billion global business that hasn’t kept up with contemporary communications…The companies, including Cargobase, Freightos and Shippabo, offer online tools to help customers find the lowest shipping rates and the fastest routes for their goods.

Freightos: Top Supply Chain Partner

July, 2015: Leading forwarders and supply chain companies nominated Freightos as a top supply chain platform. Rave reviews included:

“Standardized quotes in seconds that we can send to our customers. We love it and more important our customers love it.”

“We can now offer rates in minutes, with easy-to-read costs showing the breakdown of charges and totals, which our customers like.”

Forwarders slow to respond to online rate requests

June, 2015: The freight rate management software provider Freightos said Thursday research it conducted around rate quoting speed and responsiveness found that new shippers face an average wait of 90 hours to get a less-than-containerload freight quote for a shipment from China.

Top forwarders fail mystery online sales test

June, 2015: A test of 20 top freight forwarders’ online services…revealed the distance still to be travelled before logistics companies are ready to offer efficient automated bookings…The Hong Kong-registered company has automated the routing and pricing of freight, including all the intricacies of ocean, air, and land transportation, allowing forwarders to quote instantly for even the most complicated routes.

Forwarders’ poor online sales presence means losing out on ad hoc freight sales

June, 2015: Top freight forwarders are losing out on business and the potential for huge growth in B2B online sales…this lack of an instant online sales presence does freight customers a disservice – and that freight forwarders will lose out, as B2B online buying become a large part of the business.

10 Amazing Israeli Start-ups You’ve Never Heard of, But Will Soon

May 2015: [Freight is] a tremendous untapped market. Some 20% of e-commerce purchases are cross-border but no site can support global shipping for oversized bulk or business-to-business capacity shipping…think about the ability to seamlessly buy and ship larger items such as a dining room table on eBay (EBAY). This company leads the way.

Online consumer guru joins Freightos to automate freight pricing

March 2015: “Robert Mylod, the former Priceline CFO who played a major role in automating the online consumer travel market, has joined online freight pricing and quoting network Freightos, which plans to mimic the automated system that was such a game changer in the travel business.”

Top Ten Most Innovative Israeli Company

February 2015: “For bringing freight into the 21st century. Shipping is one of the world’s oldest global industries, but it remains as vital as ever…Freightos uploads forwarders’ contracts…to produce instantly generated price quotes.”

Freightos: Transparency in box shipping pricing

February 2015: “Container shipping has managed to duck under the all seeing eye of the web customer for so long. Zvi Schreiber, CEO of internet firm Freightos, is determined to offer shippers more choice and greater transparency in pricing – bringing box shipping onto a par with air travel”

Dragging the international shipping industry into the 21st century

January 2015: “The first company in the world to offer instant quotes for end-to-end freight shipping. Just type in what you’re shipping and where you want it to go, and you’ll get a quote in seconds. Routes and pricing are automated.”

2014 In The News

New Hi-Tech Kids on the Logistics Block

November, 2014: “Disruption is on its way, as the logistics industry finally goes hi-tech – but in a move not led by existing players…From Uber to Freightos, the space is filling up – and leaving incumbents behind…Freightos is automating freight sales and bringing it online.”

Forwarders ‘losing out on new business’

July 2014: “Forwarders are losing out on new business due to out-dated back-end systems and a silo mentality, according to a ‘secret shipper’ survey by logistics technology company Freightos.“

Digital Shipping Platforms Cutting $684 million in errors

June, 2014: Schreiber compared his service’s route options like driving directions on Google Inc.’s Maps…“The shipping industry is at least a decade behind,” he said in a May 28 phone interview. “There are more complicated things in the world that the modern computer can handle.”

Tech company strives to cure pricing problems

May 2014: “The forwarders are drowning in this swamp of pricing and contract data from the carriers, and all suffer from the same fate, which is the inability to convert that data into meaningful quote information and pass it on to their customers as quickly and as flexibly and as transparently as possible”

Techcrunch: Freightos Raises $4.6m

March, 2014: By using the platform, freight quotes can take place in real time, rather than the status quo of days, helping freight forwarders win more business and, frankly, dragging the freight industry as a whole into the 21st century.

Freightos: Bringing sexy back to the freight industry

June 2013: “It’s simply the equivalent of Expedia/Orbitz/Kayak for the shipment of goods rather than people. We help the sellers to automate their quotes online and we help the buyers to compare prices and quality and find the best deal.”