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Top Reasons Your Shipment Is Delayed: Trucking Issues, Incorrect Documentation & More

Shipping delays are always frustrating. They can throw off your supply chain and result in high operational costs, penalties, and, worst of all, unhappy customers. Very often, delayed freight deliveries are out of your hands. But, you can control some variables to give your shipment the best chance of being delivered on time. Read on […]

Chinese Holidays Affecting Shipping: Golden Week of China | Shutdowns and Shipping Delays

In 2021 China exported close to $3.36 trillion worth of goods. That’s more than 20% of total global exports. Any slowdown in trade in China creates massive challenges for global shippers. That’s why Chinese holidays are a kind of rush hour for shippers around the world, as they struggle to manage their supply chains during […]

Three Surprises of Shipping Peak Season 2022

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, freight – like so many other areas of life – has been jolted again and again by disruption. Where once the price and transit time of a shipment were largely predictable, volatility has become the name of the game. That volatility has largely meant continual price increases. But […]

Shipping & Freight Cost Increases, Current Shipping Issues, and Shipping Container Shortage [2022]

Last updated: September 1, 2022 Freight & shipping costs & delays There are a number of current shipping issues impacting freight costs and shipping delays. Seasonality, a drop in available exports, and inflation’s impact on consumer demand are causing decreased ocean pricing – though these remain extremely elevated compared to pre pandemic prices. Keep reading […]

What is Freightos?

Note: This article refers to Want to learn more about our other business units? Follow the links for info on Freightos Data and WebCargo. In this article we will cover: How differs from freight forwarders. In short, we function as a neutral platform that helps importers or exporters compare, book, and manage shipments […]

The Impact of Coronavirus on Shipping

Halfway through 2022, shippers still face shipping volatility, delays, and elevated costs. To see what this looks like on the ground, we surveyed over 200 importers and exporters, mostly small to medium-sized businesses, and asked how their businesses have been affected since the start of this year. The main takeaway? Businesses are still coping with […]

Spot Shipping Rates: 5 Ways to Make Sure You’re Getting the Best Rates for Spot Shipping

What are spot rates in shipping? Spot shipping refers to freight shipments booked without a contract. In other words, each shipment is booked individually at its own price. Smaller businesses have historically relied on spot rates, but pandemic-related supply chain disruptions have made them increasingly important for frequent shippers as well. That’s because unpredictable freight […]

Freight Packaging and Shipping

Your shipment changes hands several times while in transit: from supplier to carrier to any inland transportation, many people handle your goods. So many changes of hands means multiple opportunities for damage to your goods. By implementing packaging best practices, you can protect your goods, saving you the cost of damaged items or shipments that […]

How To Calculate Freight Shipping CO₂ Emissions

Here at Freightos, we’ve been hard at work developing a brand new calculator to help you calculate your carbon emissions. Because more than ever, building an impactful brand means both having visibility into your impact on the environment and being able to proactively choose freight solutions accordingly. Just input your dimensions and freight type and […]

Freight Emissions Calculator

Use our free Freight Emissions Calculator to estimate the carbon footprint of your next shipment, instantly. Try it now!

6 Ways to Reduce Freight Costs

As we’ve learned all too well over the past few years, when global crises happen, international freight prices are affected. With unpredictable forces adding to shipping costs, it’s more important than ever to find ways to save and avoid extra charges. Luckily, there are some freight charges that are more predictable – and even preventable. […]

Cross-border payments for international freight shipping

This article is contributed by Veem Cross-border business payments help businesses grow faster and succeed in an increasingly complex global trade environment. There are several different ways to make payments across borders. Traditionally, this happens with the assistance of a bank, with little visibility into the process and high likelihood of markups or currency exchange […]

The Shipping Industry Outlook in 2022 & Supply Chain Flexibility

Shipping has been tough over the past few years. Prices have skyrocketed, transit times have tripled – and as a result, 93% of importers and exporters reported supply-chain difficulties in a recent survey.  We spoke with Charles Marrale of ExFreight and David Kadish of Primorus to get their advice on how to navigate shipping […]

International Shipping During COVID-19: Delays, E-commerce, Supply Chain Challenges & More

Shipping during COVID-19 For many SMBs, navigating the choppy waters of international freight has been difficult this past year. As a freight booking platform, we wanted to hear how the current market is affecting our users.  To get a better understanding of the impact on small business importers and exporters, we conducted surveys and interviews […]

Port of Long Beach Congestion, Delays & News

Port of Long Beach News Updated July 25, 2022 Here’s the latest on what’s going on at Long Beach: Conditions at LA/Long Beach have improved over the past few months, but congestion in other parts of the country, including east coast ports, is worsening. Congestion is caused not just by a shortage of berths, but […]

The Global Supply Chain Crisis & How Supply Chain Shortages Affects You

Why is there a supply chain shortage? After more than a year of skyrocketing freight prices and increasing delays, we now find ourselves in the middle of a full-blown global supply chain crisis that affects every business – and every customer. What’s going on? Watch to learn: Why prices got – and are staying – […]

Chargeable Weight Calculator

Instantly calculate dimensional weight and chargeable weight for any air, ocean, courier or truck shipment.

LCL Shipping: Freight Rates & Containers

There comes a point in every shipper’s life when they start daydreaming about container interior dimensions and consolidation centers. Well, maybe not daydreaming. But at least realizing that it’s time to decide if LCL shipping is right for them. If you have smaller freight shipments, take a look at this guide to learn all about […]

FCL Shipping: The Complete Guide to Shipping Procedures, Containers, and Pricing

Ship at high volumes? Ship large items like furniture, fragile ones like ceramics, or large, fragile ones like flat-screen TVs? You are very likely an FCL shipper. But that doesn’t mean everything about FCL is clear. That’s why we consulted the experts and put together this guide to FCL. Read on to learn everything you […]

TEU Shipping Containers, Meaning & Capacity

Get to know your way around a shipping container and learn just how much freight one can actually hold.