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Importing From China

The ultimate step-by-step handbook, featuring 18 top e-commerce leaders

Watch: Determine Your Core Brand to Dictate Manufacturing Dynamic

Nathan Resnick, CEO and Co-Founder of Sourcify, discusses how your approach to manufacturing can lead to lucrative results.

Watch: Save Money By Diving Into Your Supply Chain

Nathan Resnick, CEO and Co-Founder of Sourcify, discusses the value of looking into your factory’s supply chain as your business grows.

Watch: Getting Your Product Specifications Right the First Time

Nathan Resnick, CEO and Co-Founder of Sourcify, discusses how to get your product specifications right the first time so that you don’t end up paying to fix a mistake later.

Watch: Building a Manufacturing Relationship in China

Chad Rubin, Co-Founder and CEO or Skubana, discusses his ideal partner to work with in China and what he looks for when selecting a factory.

Watch: How to Get VIP Treatment from Your Factory in China

Nathan Resnick, CEO and Co-Founder of Sourcify, discusses the secret to getting preferential treatment from Chinese factories.

Watch: Product Sourcing Hacks to Reduce Upfront Investment

Nathan Resnick, CEO and Co-Founder of Sourcify, discusses the simplest and most cost-effective way to manufacture a new product.

Watch: Increase Profits by Leveraging Your Amazon FBA Inventory Data

Victor Rosenman, CEO and Founder of Feedvisor, discusses the importance of avoiding “seller’s intuition” and instead leveraging your Amazon FBA inventory data to take advantage of new opportunities.

Watch: Why eCommerce Owners Need a Third-Party Logistics Company

Chad Rubin, Co-Founder and CEO or Skubana, discusses why he “outsources his weakness” by using a third-party logistics company for shipments.

FOB: Everything You Need to Know About Free on Board Shipping

What is FOB shipping, how does it differ from other incoterms, and when should you use it? Find out everything you need to know in this easy-to-understand guide.

What is an Amazon Reference ID?

How does Amazon track all incoming FBA shipments? Meet the Reference ID.

What are TEU and FEU Shipping Containers?

Get to know your way around a shipping container and learn just how much freight one can actually hold.

Understanding Landed Cost and Profitability

Need to know the landed cost of all of the goods that you sell, in addition to understanding the correct way to calculate it? Our guide will help you do both! No accounting degree required.

What is a Non-Vessel Owning Common Carrier (NVOCC)?

What is an NVOCC and what role do they play in the shipment process?

What is a Container Freight Station (CFS)?

A container freight station is not just an excuse to tack on another freight fee. Find out more in this Freight Term Glossary entry.

What is an Inspection Certificate?

You may not need an inspection certificate for all of your shipments, but when you do, make sure you know what it is.

What is an Export Declaration?

Specifying the contents of a shipment is a crucial step in the export process. Learn more about the export declaration and the information required when filling one out.

What is Less Than Container Load (LCL)?

Learn about LCLs and how your freight is delivered when it doesn’t require a full container.

5 Hacks to Help You Conquer International Freight

Freightos has compiled a list of five invaluable hacks to help you save time and money on your international shipments.

What is an Export License?

Looking to ship prohibited goods? It’s not impossible. You’ll just need a special license.