Instant freight rates for the entire company

Lowering freight spend for top-tier supply chains with instant global freight pricing, rate management and market intelligence.

“Freightos has changed the way that we look at day to day business.”

Tim Crumley, VP Global Logistics, Sysco

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Powering Fortune 500 supply chains with cutting-edge technology and over one billion freight pricing data points.

Instant Rate Lookup and market comparison

Eliminate the logistics data black hole by giving every member of your organization instant rate benchmarking and lookups from contract rates, as well as live market comparisons.


Don't go in uninformed. Grab air and ocean freight insights from the world's largest freight rate database driving insights into carrier and route, historical pricing and more.

Access to comprehensive international freight data such as the Freightos International Freight Index, plays a key role in delivering clarity in real-time

Leigh Henson, Global Head of Commodities

OPTIMIZE your company's freight quoting

Manage scalable operations across dozens of global logistics providers and hundreds of internal employees with freight quote request workflows and management.

Negotiations and Uncertainty

Download the Freightos Data report surveying 60+ BCOs and forwarders on negotiating annual tenders amid uncertainty.


The Freight Rate Management Guide

Freightos AcceleRate experts compiled 50+ tips for selecting and implementing rate management platforms.


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Cutting-edge technology for cutting-edge supply chains


fast door to door pricing and routing technology


enterprise permission management


with full language and currency localization


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for cross-border oversized shipments

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