Smooth shipping with instant freight quotes, online booking and 24/7 support.

“Freight quotes can take place in real time, rather than the status quo of days”
Steve O'Hear, TechCrunch
“This is huge”
Anthony Foxx, US Secretary of Transportation
“Bringing sexy back to the freight industry”
Shira Abel, The Next Web
“An Expedia-like platform for freight, providing instant, online real-time quoting”
Pang Mei Yee, DHL Asia Pacific Innovation Center
“…tools to help customers find the lowest shipping rates and the fastest routes”
Erica Philips, Wall Street Journal
“One of the cornerstones of our logistics processes”
Tim Crumley, VP Supply Chain & Logistics, Sysco

Online Freight Solutions

Forwarders / Carriers

Increase sales and reduce costs with instant international and domestic freight quotes, rate management, tender automation and Business Intelligence.


E-Commerce Retailers

Sell anything, anywhere, by integrating door-to-door international freight rates directly in shopping carts – shipping estimates, shopping cart integration, API integration. 


Enterprise Shippers

Controlled company-wide access to tariffs and landed cost. Streamline invoice auditing. Dashboard for strategic freight decisions and better LSP bargaining power.



Instant Freight Quotes

Instantly compare air, ocean and trucking freight quotes from a global network of top forwarders on the online freight marketplace.

Companies automating freight operations

Powering online freight for global shippers and forwarders, including:

“Our work has gotten significantly more efficient and effective.
I love the ability to modify quotes faster with just minor adjustment”
Jun Rong-Li, Apex Logistics
Kestrel has leveraged Freightos to bring waiting times for quotes down from hours to minutes, further improving our customer service. The roll out process was quick and smooth!
Steve Keats, Vice President, Kestral Liner Agencies
Imagine a unique tool for generating quotes in seconds, enabling fast strategic decision-making with on-demand analysis of customer and office performance. Imagine being able to quote door to door without having to wait for agents. All this is Freightos
Luca Cipani, Air and Ocean R&D, Fercam
instant international and domestic freight quotes already generated

Freightos In The News

“By using the platform, freight quotes can take place in real time,
rather than the status quo of days, helping freight forwarders win
more business and, frankly, dragging the freight industry as a whole into
the 21st century.”
Steve O'Hear, TechCrunch
“The trend towards a paperless and connected world that is
increasingly competitive means a speedy response to shipment
queries can no longer be regarded as a luxury”
Greg Knowler, Journal of Commerce
“Without the help of automated pricing,
it can take about three days just to receive a quote…
while upstarts are leading the innovation race”
Yaacov Benmeleh, Bloomberg Business
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See how top forwarders, shippers and carriers benefit from online freight rates and the online freight marketplace.


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