Why ship with a freight marketplace?

We're making global trade frictionless with the world’s largest freight marketplace. We’re not a freight forwarder and that matters. Keep on reading to learn why.

Great providers
with great prices.

With thousands of importers and exporters on one platform, every customer gains the bulk-buying power typically reserved for high-volume importers.

When logistics providers compete for your business, you pay less. The marketplace model keeps service levels exceptional, with reviews left by importers and internal data to track performance.

Freedom to move
between providers

Nearly 40% of importers only use one logistics provider, which means they're likely missing out on the best available pricing or lane/mode.

Freightos gives you the freedom to switch between logistics providers, pairing you with the best one for all of your shipments.

No matter which provider you use, you get shipment tracking, documentation management, credit, and support in one place.

Shipment management that works across every provider

Since Freightos integrates directly with logistics providers, you get on-demand updates at every stage.

Online messaging, around the clock support and proactive automated exception management means that you stay in the know. No more tracking multiple shipments in different forwarder platforms or, worse, in an Excel spreadsheet that you need to keep updated.

Better shipment management doesn’t stop there. When it comes to freight, ship happens. Our providers have strict Service Level Agreements to resolve any issue and using a combination of technology and humans, we make sure they follow through.

The information you need to make the right choices

The Freightos marketplace ecosystem sees over one million monthly searches, thousands of shipments, and tens of millions of pricing updates.

We put that data to work by providing instant visibility into individual shipment prices, transit time, and forwarder ratings.

To help you understand the industry, we provide in-depth tools, like the world's only daily container freight index and lane analysis reports.

Credibility from thousands of (happy) customers

Our customers love our technology, service, and prices. They know that they aren't just another container or box to us.

We take the trust in our platform and vendors seriously. It's what keeps our lights on and our logistics providers happy.

A win-win relationship

Marketplaces only work when both buyers and sellers are happy. Our providers stick with Freightos because we bring them business at scale while providing the infrastructure to manage shipments easily.

By providing first-line support, we reduce support costs. By guaranteeing payment, we remove the guesswork. In other words, our providers get more business with fewer costs, and we pass those savings on.

Freight is what we do

We love digitizing freight. And it shows.

Our sister company, WebCargo by Freightos, has spent the last decade building freight technology used internally by over 1,500 of the top logistics providers in the world. So even if you don't use Freightos, it may be powering your shipments.

That same tech is used by top companies, like Marks and Spencer and Sysco Foods, to optimize freight spend. Airlines like British Airways, United, and Air France KLM can now book shipments in real-time.

All that to say, we get freight, and we know how to make it work for you.

“I’ve never before had this ease or convenience dealing with freight. For me it’s all about time and efficiency, and Freightos delivered that.”
Dara Venekeo
Vennah Made Importer | Santa Monica, CA