International Shipping Routes & Lanes

How Does Freight Shipping Work?

International trade is coordinated through numerous shipping lanes worldwide. According to the IMO, about 90% of goods moved globally travel by ocean – however, air cargo and ground/rail transport are also important modes.

Shipping lanes are the foundation of the freight industry. Some are more congested or popular depending on the trade routes they are associated with.
Whether you’re shipping internationally or you have any questions about international freight, you’ve come to the right place. Select your origin below and then select your destination country for everything you need to know about keeping down costs and transit times.

Billions of items are shipped throughout the globe each year by large ships. Our world’s economy is dependent on these ships making it from port to port on time, with specifically engineered shipping lanes designed for these massive ships to make their way. Below you can see a map of the world shipping routes between continents. These routes connect our globe immensely, and without them, we would be left with no trade.

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international shipping routes

Global Shipping Routes

Where are you shipping from? Pick an origin or keep scrolling to see all international shipping routes.

Shipping from China

Nearly 13% of goods sold globally are sourced and shipped from China. With standard shipping, it takes around 14 days for your products to be shipped from China after processing. It will take approximately seven days with express shipping. Air freight is a viable option if you have smaller shipments or high-value, fragile products. The main ports for shipping from China are Shanghai – which is also the largest port in the world – and Ningbo.

Shipping From China to the United States

Shipping From China to the UK

Shipping From China to Canada

Shipping From China to Germany

Shipping From China to Australia

Shipping from Hong Kong

If you are shipping items from Hong Kong, air freight will generally take at least 5-7 business days. It might take even longer in some cases. FCL is best if you want to ship bulk orders. For smaller packages, LCL or air freight are good options. The Honk Kong Port handles around 18 million TEUs yearly. Shipping costs from Hong Kong largely depend on the destination port – to learn more select the route you are shipping.

Shipping From Hong Kong to the United States

Shipping From Hong Kong to the UK

Shipping From Hong Kong to Canada

Shipping From Hong Kong to Germany

Shipping From Hong Kong to Australia

Shipping from Indonesia

Costs and transit times for shipping from Indonesia will depend on many factors. These include fuel prices, shipping weight and volume, and seasonality. The Port of Jakarta is Indonesia’s largest port and one of the most significant in the Java Sea region. Annual capacity is estimated at 45 million tons of cargo and four million TEUs of containerized cargo.

Shipping from Indonesia to the United States

Shipping from Indonesia to the UK

Shipping from Indonesia to Canada

Shipping from Malaysia

Malaysia has six major ports for international ocean trade, the largest of which is Port Klang. Over 11,000 ships arrive in Port Klang yearly, making it a major shipping and industrial hub for Southeast Asia. The total cost of shipping from Malaysia depends on the size, weight, and type of products you are importing, in addition to the mode and lane. Select a destination below for more information about shipping from Malaysia.

Shipping from Malaysia to the UK

Shipping from Malaysia to Canada

Shipping from Malaysia to the US

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Shipping from Taiwan

When shipping from Taiwan, freight costs will be determined by the dimensions of the shipment, the goods being moved, the mode of transportation, and the time of year. Over 40% of Taiwanese exports ship to mainland China or Hong Kong, with only 15% destined for the US. There are eight major ports in Taiwan, the largest of which is Kaohsiung port located on the country’s southwestern coast.

Shipping from Taiwan to the United States

Shipping from Taiwan to the UK

Shipping from Taiwan to Canada

Shipping from Taiwan to Germany

Shipping from Thailand

Shipping rates from Thailand vary depending on the shipping method – among other factors. The most common modes are air and sea shipping. Air shipping is usually more expensive than sea shipping, but is also faster. Sea shipping can take several weeks, whereas air shipping only takes a few days. The main container ports in Thailand are Laem Chabang and Bangkok Port.

Shipping from Thailand to the United States

Shipping from Thailand to the UK

Shipping from Thailand to Canada

Shipping from Vietnam

Vietnam is the fastest growing economy in Asia after China with record volumes of exports being shipped out of the country. Hai Phong is one of the largest ports in Northern Vietnam and is a regional hub for electronics, vehicles, and precision machinery. Other large ports in Vietnam include Da Nang in Central Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh. If you are shipping air cargo, the main hubs in Vietnam are Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN) and Noi Bai International Airport (HAN).

Shipping from Vietnam to the United States

Shipping from Vietnam to the UK

Shipping from Vietnam to Canada

Shipping from Canada

With dozens of shipping ports, Canada is a large exporter with 75% of goods going to the United States. The biggest major port in Canada is the Port of Vancouver which receives most imports from Asia. Over $200 billion in goods are traded through the Vancouver port every year. Other major ports in Canada include the ports of Halifax, Montreal, and Port Rupert.

Shipping from Canada to the United States

Shipping from Canada to the UK

Shipping from Singapore

Singapore has two main port terminals, PSA Singapore and Jurong Port – but currently a new port is under construction. Tuas Mega Port will be situated in Keppel and is expected to be operational between 2025 and 2027. Tuas Port will be the world’s largest container terminal once complete, with capacity for 65 million TEUs annually. The cost of shipping from Singapore is dependent on the goods, weight, size, seasonality, and other factors so it is worth considering various freight quotes before shipping.

Shipping from Singapore to the United States

Shipping from Singapore to the UK

Shipping from South Korea

South Korea exported $510 billion worth of goods in 2021, making this rapidly-growing economy the fifth largest exporter in the world. The same year, the US imported $59 billion of goods from South Korea. Busan Port is the largest in South Korea and is the fifth busiest container port in the world.

Shipping from South Korea to the United States

Shipping from the UK

In the United Kingdom, about 95% of all imports and exports are transported by ocean freight. The largest port in the UK is Felixstowe. This port is located in Suffolk and handles 48% of the country’s container volume. The port is also Europe’s eighth busiest port with 3.8 million TEUs going through Felixstowe yearly. When shipping from the UK to destinations around the world, first get all the details for your shipment, then decide on the correct mode and lane of transportation. This will determine the overall cost of international shipping.

Shipping from the UK to Canada

Shipping from the UK to the United States

Shipping from the US

The United States are the world’s largest economy with high volumes of imports – however the US is also the 2nd largest exporter in the world. Based on TEU volume, the top ports in the United States are: Port of Los Angeles, Port of Long Beach, Port of New York and New Jersey, and the Port of Savannah. When shipping from the US, consider all the factors influencing transit time and total cost, then check rates from multiple logistics providers.

Shipping from the United States to the UK

Shipping from the United States to Canada

Shipping from Germany

Germany’s freight market is a vital component of its economy, with exports totaling approximately $1.5 trillion in 2020. The country relies heavily on road transportation, which accounted for about 70% of its freight volume in 2019, while rail and waterways contributed approximately 18% and 7%, respectively. Major ports, like the Port of Hamburg, facilitate both domestic and international cargo movement.

Shipping from Germany to the US

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