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Our Culture

We are human

Life is about more than just work. This is why we promote a flexible, balanced workplace. We know that you have a life outside of work and we want you to live it!

Make your mark

We pride ourselves on having talented, dedicated employees, who each play a vital role on our journey to change one of the world’s largest industries that impacts everyone across the world.

Your growth matters

We invest in our people and care about your personal and professional development.

We are a team

We work together, we root for each other and celebrate each other’s wins.

I chose Freightos because of their clear, challenging, and exciting goal: digitizing the freight industry. We’re constantly learning from great professionals and great people, and meet teams from different countries and cultures.

Ferran Bosch

R&D Director

The work environment here is extremely diverse and inclusive: I get to work with colleagues and clients from different cultures and backgrounds. This contributes positively to the work we do and allows me to learn and grow everyday.

Nadia Vergani

Sales Executive Ebookings

Freightos does a fantastic job of hiring dynamic and optimistic people that embody our company culture. Our HR policies make employees feel looked after, giving them encouragement to do their jobs well, and have a positive outlook on their careers and personal life.

Joe Marris

Product Marketing Specialist

What I like most about Freightos is the people; truly inspiring professionals who work hard, while still enjoying the small moments. A good inside joke can make my day. I have never felt as appreciated & “spoiled” as I do in Freightos.

Mary Abu Ghattas

HR Business Partner

Before I officially started at Freightos, they sent me a gift for Eid. And again, when my daughter Salma was born, which really meant a lot to me. Managers here are close and accessible. There isn’t a gap between employee and manager like at other companies.

Oday Ashour

Software Development Engineer

On an individual level, there are budgets for training, and team building. On a professional level, there are opportunities to learn new technologies, to investigate and experiment. At Freightos, they don’t say, “it can’t be done this way”. They say “try it”.

Sija James

R&D Manager

I chose Freightos’ WebCargo because of the agility of the hiring process and the opportunities for growth. The fact that they bet on me, a junior member, was very encouraging to me.

Daniella Álamo

Junior SDE

At Freightos there’s a real focus on professional development, learning new skills, adding new responsibilities, and making sure employees are feeling challenged and engaged.

Judah Levine

Research Lead

I like how professional the team is, how they respect everyone’s time, and how they give me space to be myself & to shine. Freightos empowers everyone to work on themselves & truly supports career growth.

Fatima Alkilani

Product Manager

I joined Freightos because of their reputation: “flexible environment”, “nice people”, “challenging and exciting”. When I joined, it was just as described! I love how much Freightos cares about our well-being, life-work balance and our career development.

Nizar Hawawreh

Senior Software Development Engineer

Since day one, Freightos has helped me find my passion! I’ve had a memorable journey that started many years ago working with our customers’ data. Today, I collaborate closely with a diverse global team overseeing the operations of one of our key products. Freightos is a place where I can learn, grow, and continue to reach my potential.

Rawan Rimawi

Operations Director

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