Air Freight From China

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What is the cost of Air Freight from China?

International air freight calculator and freight rate estimates for shipping goods by air to and from China.

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China Air Freight Rates & Quotes

See below for accurate, real-time air freight rates for shipping to China. Getting accurate, transparent air freight rates and quotes for shipping to China is a crucial step in planning your supply chain

The prices listed below are current, up-to-date air freight rates for shipping from Shanghai, China to New York, United States.

100 kg
From $1,690
Transit Time: 6-10 days

 Instant Air Freight Quotes

International Air Freight Services from China

For importers and exporters that need their goods faster, or are shipping light or very valuable items, shipping air freight to China can be a great option.

International air freight shipments can still be quite large and may move across multiple carriers during shipment. 

For very small shipments, usually less than one cubic meter and 200 kilograms, importers and exporters often ship express. Express air shipping from China is typically handled by companies such as DHL, UPS, or FedEx as opposed to large freight forwarders. 

How long does it take to ship Air Freight from China

Air freight shipments from China are generally much faster than other modes of transportation. Air freight can arrive in days rather than weeks. 

The exact shipping time from China varies based on factors including the distance between the departure and arrival airports, the specific air routes, and any potential layovers or connections. 

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