Sea Freight From China

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How much is Sea Freight from China?

International sea freight calculator & freight rate estimates for shipping goods by ocean to and from China.

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China Sea Freight Rates

Planning your shipment from China? Find competitive sea freight rates from China. Compare quotes from leading freight forwarders and choose the best option for your shipment.

The prices listed below are current sea freight rates for shipping from Shenzhen China, to London, United Kingdom.

20′ Container
From $3,013
Transit Time: 43-55 days
From $483
Transit Time: 45-60 days

China Sea Freight Services

Understanding the intricacies of sea freight services from China is essential for businesses engaged in international trade. Generally speaking, sea freight  can be a cost-effective and reliable option for shipping goods from and from China. 

Importers and exporters that ship by sea can choose between full container loads (FCL) for larger shipments or less-than-container loads (LCL) for smaller shipments. It’s also important from research customs clearance procedures, documentation requirements, and international shipping regulations when shipping from China. Your freight forwarder can help you navigate these rules and regulations.

How long does it take to ship Sea Freight from China?

The transit time of sea freight shipments from China depends on several factors, primarily  the departure and arrival ports, and the shipping route. Generally, shipping from China can take between a few weeks to several months.

Weather conditions, port congestion, and potential delays in customs clearance can also impact overall shipping time. Find out more here with our Transit Time Calculator.

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