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Germany Freight Forwarder Quotes

Use Freightos for International freight forwarding and freight rate estimates. 

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Germany Freight Forwarder Rates has the most current, up-to-date shipping rates for booking a freight forwarder in Germany. 

The prices listed below reflect the current, up-to-date freight rates for shipping all types of freight from Shanghai, China to Berlin, Germany.

20′ Container
From $3,037
Transit Time: 47-60 days
From $523
Transit Time: 49-65 days
100 kg
From $1,013
Transit Time: 6-10 days

Germany Freight Forwarder Services

To make sure your goods move smoothly to and from Germany, make sure to use a reliable freight forwarder . 

Freight forwarders coordinate the process of moving goods around the world, from the actual transport to documentation, customs clearance, and general  logistics management. can help you find the best Germany freight forwarder for your needs and get you the best price for shipping to and from Germany.

How To Choose A Germany Freight Forwarder

When choosing a freight forwarder to ship to Germany, consider their specific  experience and expertise in handling shipments to and from Germany. A competent freight forwarder should have a deep understanding of local regulations, customs procedures, and transportation networks. 

When shipping to Germany, compare quotes from different freight forwarders to make sure you’re getting a good rate. Pay close attention to the services each provider offers to get an accurate comparison and ensure you’ll get the service you need for your shipment.

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