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Thanks to a new partnership, shippers can now easily book and manage their shipments using Freight Powered by Freightos.

Jude Abraham

Alibaba & Freightos & Shipping & Logistics Partners

Shipping with has never been easier.

Thanks to a new partnership, shippers can now easily book and manage their shipments using Freight Powered by Freightos.

Alibaba Freightos

It’s just another way that is bringing smooth shipping to importers around the world. When you place a Trade Assurance order on, you can now compare, book, manage, and track ocean and air freight instantly, online, and in real time. The user-friendly interface simplifies shipping with a step-by-step process and delivers enhanced transparency.

No more phone calls, waiting for quotes, or chasing down providers. Just smooth shipping. 

Why is Partnering with is an eCommerce giant with over 2 million qualified sellers and nearly 800 million active users. Through the partnership, users gain access to leading edge shipping logistics tech, allowing merchants in the US to compare rates, arrange shipments, and track ocean and air shipping in real-time.

This is Freight powered by Freightos. Freight offers a range of features to keep shipments on track:

  • View freight shipment options easily & with transparent pricing
  • Fast comparison & booking from over a dozen handpicked providers to find the best value for your needs.
  • Full visibility & control thanks to end-to-end tracking, live updates from origin to delivery, and flexible payment options.
  • Stay organized by managing documents, communicating with shipping providers, and getting support — all in one dashboard.

Global shipping logistics used to be slow, opaque, and confusing. But with Freight, these pain points are a thing of the past.

Shipping From China to the US & UK with’s partnership with is helping American small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) navigate the challenges of COVID-19 with digitalization.

In particular, SMBs shipping from China to the US have faced serious disruptions to the supply chain, with major delays to both manufacturing and shipping. 

While production in China is picking up again following months of shutdowns, importers are still struggling with declined demand, reduced air freight capacity, delays at US ports and warehouses, and shipping rate volatility both by air and ocean. Freight powered by Freightos is meeting these challenges. Whether you are shipping LCL, FCL, or air freight, you’ll find the solution you need to get your goods where they need to be with less hassle and lower cost. Get your shipment booked today with Freight. 

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  • Improved selection across price, mode, vendor, performance metrics on each shipment
  • Reduced management time with on-demand documentat management and tracking
  • Real-time service through automated services, real-time chat, and integrated messaging options
  • Powerful payment options, including credit, batch processing, reconcilations and more.

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