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Coronavirus Shipping Updates

Coronavirus Shipping – What You Need To Know

Coronavirus Shipping – What You Need To Know

COVID-19 has caused major disruptions to logistics and shipping around the world. We’ve gathered our best resources to keep you informed – and help you keep your goods moving. 

Coronavirus Impact on Supply Chain & On the Economy

The impact of coronavirus on the supply side in China was swift – but fortunately steps toward recovery didn’t take too long. Learn more with our webinar: Adapting your Freight to the Coronavirus Reality.

After China began recovering from COVID-19, Western countries started to get hit with the virus, posing importing challenges. Learn how to manage this changing environment with our webinar: What COVID-19 Means for Importers.

Stay up to date with the latest news on coronavirus’ impact with our updates page. Get updates and more information regarding congestion at Long Beach port here

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Coronavirus –  What To Consider When Shipping from China

With countries around the world dramatically reducing the number of passenger jets, air freight prices have been volatile. For this reason, sea freight could be a better choice for many importers right now.

To learn more about shipping your goods by ocean, check out our FCL Guide and LCL Guide.

We’ll get into everything you need to know, whether you’re new to ocean freight or just want to make sure you’re maximizing efficiency and pricing. 

Learn more here about regulations on importing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from China to the US.

Managing Shipping During COVID-19: Connect with other shippers 

The news is changing all the time and a community can make a huge difference. Join Insiders, our Facebook community, to connect with global importers of all sizes and share insights, tips, and solutions during this challenging time. 

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