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Truck Cargo & Shipping Container Comparison x ShipBob: the Freight Market, 3PLs, and Smooth Shipping and ShipBob really get shipping. It’s been a long, hard year for importers and exporters shipping goods internationally, so we figured we’d package up some last leg insights and tips ahead of peak season.

Majd Shuman

Watch our recent webinar with CMO Ethan Buchman and ShipBob CMO Casey Armstrong for insider insights on fostering transparency and efficiency in your supply chain – from origin to final delivery.

Plus, not-to-be-missed tips to help you get ahead of the crunch and on top of peak season.

With the explosive growth of e-commerce and consumer demand hitting record heights, keeping your goods stocked and moving is tricky.

But there are things you can do to get ahead and start your last leg off on the right foot.

Some topics covered include:

– The state of global freight and the capacity crunch
– Where 3PLs fit in the import/export supply chain
– Tips for when to find a 3PL and what to look for
– And more…

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