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With over 12,000 businesses already benefiting, stands as a leading platform offering air, ocean, and trucking freight quotes from 40+ providers. When you search’s online marketplace, you gain instant access to compare freight quotes for your next shipment. The decision-making process is in your hands, where you can choose the quote that aligns perfectly with your business needs, considering factors such as price, transit time, and authentic reviews.

Whether you’re a small business owner or managing logistics for a large corporation, navigating through various shipping options on is a breeze. The platform ensures a seamless experience, allowing you to select the shipping method that best suits your requirements. With transparent pricing and dependable transit times, guarantees the efficient and cost-effective delivery of your shipments to their destinations. Join the thousands of satisfied businesses already optimizing their supply chain operations through’s comprehensive freight marketplace.

Competitive Pricing

Freightos offers competitive pricing by leveraging its extensive network of logistics providers and bulk-buying power. By aggregating quotes from multiple providers, users can compare rates and choose the most cost-effective option for their shipments, saving money without compromising on service quality.

With, you can trust that you’re getting the best value for your shipping needs while enjoying top-notch service and reliability.

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Customer Support

Freightos provides exceptional customer support to assist users throughout the shipping process. Whether users have inquiries about quotes, tracking, or documentation, Freightos’ knowledgeable support team is readily available to provide assistance and resolve issues promptly. With responsive and reliable support, users can navigate the complexities of international shipping with confidence and peace of mind.

User Experience

Freightos prioritizes user experience by offering intuitive and user-friendly tools for managing shipments and accessing information. From the seamless process of obtaining quotes to the comprehensive tracking features, Freightos’ platform is designed to streamline the shipping experience and empower users with the tools they need to make informed decisions and manage their shipments efficiently.

Furthermore, Freightos prioritizes user experience by offering intuitive and user-friendly tools for managing shipments and accessing information. The platform’s interface is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, ensuring that users can easily navigate through various features and functionalities. Whether it’s obtaining quotes, scheduling shipments, or tracking packages, Freightos’ platform provides a seamless experience that empowers users to take control of their logistics processes.

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Freightos democratizes business. Anyone can start an eCommerce store without having to worry about being a logistics expert.

Dan Otto,

Head of Operations is an incredible international freight solution, from getting instant ocean/air freight estimates to booking and, most important, the support during the process.

Mark Predko,

Director of Operations and Product Management

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits does Freightos offer for small importers and exporters?

Freightos offers small importers and exporters the opportunity to access the best available pricing and expertise by breaking free from being locked into a single logistics provider. With the ability to compare rates and tap into a wide network of providers, small businesses can optimize their shipping operations and save costs.

How does Freightos help businesses save on shipping costs?

Freightos leverages its extensive network of importers and exporters to provide bulk-buying power, resulting in competitive pricing from logistics providers. By enabling businesses to compare rates and switch between providers easily, Freightos ensures access to affordable, high-quality logistics services.

How does Freightos ensure transparency in pricing and service quality?

Freightos provides instant visibility into individual shipment prices, transit times, and forwarder ratings, leveraging data from its ecosystem of over one million searches and tens of millions of pricing updates monthly. This transparency empowers users to make informed decisions and ensures accountability from logistics providers.

How can I access free freight quotes on the Freightos platform?

Accessing free freight quotes on Freightos is quick and simple. By visiting the online marketplace, users can instantly compare quotes from over 40 providers for air, ocean, and trucking freight. Users have the flexibility to evaluate quotes based on price, transit time, and real reviews, empowering them to make informed decisions for their shipments.

How reliable is Freightos in terms of ensuring timely deliveries and meeting shipping deadlines?

Freightos prioritizes timely deliveries and meeting shipping deadlines by collaborating with reputable logistics providers and offering robust tracking and management tools. While actual delivery times may vary based on factors such as carrier schedules and customs procedures, Freightos strives to minimize delays and keep users informed throughout the shipping process.

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