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Learn how importers and exporters across the globe are experiencing more reliable, cost effective freight by booking on is the global freight booking platform that helps businesses instantly compare freight quotes, book shipments, and manage their freight all in one place.

Over 12,000 businesses enjoy the benefits of — with air, ocean, and trucking freight quotes from 40+ providers. When you search’s online marketplace, you can instantly compare freight quotes for your next shipment. It’s up to you to decide on the right quote for your business based on price, transit time, and real reviews.

We compiled some of our latest freight quote reviews from our customers. Here’s what they’re saying:

“Highly recommend this company for your shipments. This was our first shipment from China to UK and we were definitely nervous about getting the paperwork and processes correct to avoid delays etc. Freightos could not have made this any easier, also the quotes available for our shipment were considerably cheaper than anything we could find elsewhere, and that’s without all the extra support that comes with the Freightos platform.”

J.Davis — (January 2023)

“Freightos takes all of the guesswork out of international shipping. Easy, great communication, have used now for several shipments and will use again in the future.”

Kacey — (February 2022)

“I’ve used and trusted Freightos on two shipments from Italy to the US. Their online platform is very easy to use and navigate while their follow up customer support helps with small details and ensures everyone is on the same page regarding pickups, shipment documents, custom clearance and delivery tracking.”

WB — (January 2022)

“Easy to set up the shipment order, followed by excellent communication and service at every step from the expediter – and competitively priced.”

Paul — (January 2022)

“Freightos made it easy for our company to shop logistics providers smartly and made the shipping process simple. Highly recommend.”

Tom — (December 2021)

“This has been an excellent tool for our business to book freight if all different sizes from many different EU countries. Would recommend to anyone who doesn’t want to become a logistics professional just to be able to move goods quickly and without complication. We will be using again and again.”

Hadi — (October 2021)

“This was my first time using Freightos but it felt like I have been using them forever with how intuitive and easy it was. Great UI and communication. I will definitely use again.”

Lisa — (October 2021)

“The Freightos platform makes it very easy for a small business to import products. I feel like I can count on the entire process because of their system. They are a huge asset to our business!”

Heather  —  (July 2021)

“First time using Freightos and had to ship a full 40′ container. The whole process from finding a shipper, getting the custom clearance to final delivery at our destination warehouse all went off without a hitch. Communications was quick and easy and the Freightos support team always responded to my questions within 24 hours. I would definitely use Freightos again and highly recommend them to others.”

Syl  —  (April 2021)

“I have used Freightos a few times and this time is no different from the previous times. The service has been excellent, the user interface is very easy to use, all my communication with the freight forwarder is in one place, documentation saved and can be referenced at any time and I can see the status of the shipment as it departs and arrives at port. I highly recommend and will be using Freightos again!”

David M.  —  (November 2020)

“Our company is extremely satisfied with the Freightos platform/marketplace. Freightos makes it really easy to compare shipping quotes and provides great visibility into shipping and delivery timelines. We particularly like the messaging feature which let us seamlessly communicate with our freight forwarders and provides a nice electronic trail for obligations, promises made, updates, etc. I also like that all of the documents relating to the freight are uploaded and stores in one place. I would definitely recommend Freightos for anyone looking to import to the US from China or Asia – both novices and experienced importers!”

Gina  —  (November 2020)

“Excellent service, daily follow through. My shipment arrived at it’s destination exactly on schedule (even before the little plane on the interactive map took off!) Highly recommend Freightos and also World Logistics if they are among your choice of carriers. With that combination, you can’t go wrong!”

Bob Triggs —  (April 2020)

“This is the solution that Ocean and Air freight have been begging for. No more emailing your rep and having to wait hours, maybe days to get a quote. Super easy to use and actually saves me money at the same time.”

Jonathan S.  —  (February 2020)

“Freightos has made importing a breeze. The team is friendly and always willing to help. Quoting is fast and you can check a variety of forwarders in one location. Pricing is very good compared to other forwarders that have quoted me. Even if pricing is a little higher, I would choose Freightos because of how simplified everything is. It’s a one stop shop!”

Sarah  —  (December 2019)

“I’m a new business owner. Never shipped anything by sea, and the process seemed very intimidating and just a ton of hassle. Not with Freightos! Quotes in one place. Trained staff a phone call away. (If anything, they were a bit *too* enthusiastic about helping. LOL) Super clean web interface, and all info broken down and very easy to understand. I was worried about shipping by sea, but it actually turned out to be the easiest part of the sourcing process! What a great time to start a business.”

Chamah  —  (December 2019)

“This is the best thing happen to freight forwarding in the last 30 years. The ability to have quotes at your finger tips for any variety of shipment is amazing. This saves so much time and takes all the frustration out of shipping. I’m so thankful I found them.”

Tahner  —  (November 2019)

“Freightos offers a great marketplace for finding freight forwarders that meet your needs at a fair price and often a great price. They are available to answer questions and guide you through the process before you select a forwarder as well. Having access to all the options quickly and easily has helped us be more flexible and creative in addressing our shipping needs all while reducing overall cost.”

Jem  —  (October 2019)

“Freightos has consistently been the most transparent, easy to use service I’ve ever encountered. Their support staff is responsive, timely, and genuinely helpful. After two years of partnering with Freightos, I can’t imagine going through anyone else for our freight needs.”

Dan O.  —  (July 2019)

“…Getting freight quotes is very easy and very quick… While I am not an international freight expert, through Freightos I have been able to secure shipping at a lower cost than offered from suppliers and other freight services. I can highly recommend their services across the board…”

Aaron Dickinson — Dickinson Woodworking LLC, Greenfield, IN (October 2018)

“This shipment was very fast… I definitely recommend this company for any one who wants to enjoy ease of mind, trust, and cooperation. My cargo arrived to its destination in 35 days. The freight quote was very competitive.”

Masih Rashidi — Pacific Path, Queensland, Australia (October 2018)

“Great service and convenient site for evaluating multiple quotes. Will use again.”

Michael J. Sharman — Drillinginfo, Sheffield, UK (September 2018)

“Freightos is an easy to use platform. Very useful to get a lot of quotes quickly. After you place an order, you can easily follow it and contact the forwarder.”

Peter de Hoog — Rucanet Products, Roermond, Netherlands (September 2018)

“The best shipping service I have experienced yet. [My forwarder’s] communication is outstanding, they were on time and their rates are very competitive. I could not have asked for better service and customer care. They are truly a step above the rest.”

Yair Bernstein — TheNextLife, Chicago, IL (August 2018)

“Easy website to work with, quotes rarely change and you can always speak to a representative.”

Dean Hauff — H.F. Hauff Company Inc., Yakima, Washington (August 2018)

“…I was impressed by Steve’s willingness to help and by his quick responses to my questions. I sent two very large fragile vases which are very expensive and he delivered them quickly and smoothly to my customer at a very competitive rate. Not only will I plan to use his service again, but I truly recommend his services to people who do not want problems with their shipment. He and his company are very professional, honest and responsive. Thank you for your professionalism.”

Carlos Widen — Widen Shop, Lyon, France (July 2018)

“…Their rates are awesome… I’m definitely going to book with them in the future.”

Miriam Endrias — Little Buddy, Canberra, Australia (June 2018)

“Very easy to use & compare quotes.”

Shelby Nousain — Bluenet Holdings LLC, Boca Raton, FL (May 2018)

“Their rates are reasonable, the delivery arrived on time and undamaged. Basically everything we look for in a shipper!”

Mary Wilke — John’s Workshop LLC, Alton, IL (May 2018)

“Great service. So simple to use and a lot more cost-effective than my previous freight solution. Being able to get an instant quote is awesome. Will definitely be using Freightos again. 5 stars!”

Zachary Walton — Gutter Games, London, United Kingdom (April 2018)

“Vincent and Hazel… were great! They made an exception for me and somehow got my goods shipped out on time before the Chinese New Years. I thought it would be delayed as it is a very hectic time. The goods arrived exactly on the date they said. Their price and service is unbeatable. Kept me updated throughout and answered all questions. Would definitely recommend to everyone and would use again! Thank you very much guys.”

Rohan Tariq — Brampton, CA (April 2018)

“…This was seriously the best shipping experience I have ever had my entire life. I have never shipped anything from China and have it be shipped to America. When using Freightos, all the numbers on the freight quote and everything was precise and accurate and they are so kind for always calling and seeing if my shipment is going well. Freigthos and [the forwarder I booked with] are very professional companies that LITERALLY are so OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD. I am just blown away at the level of expertise and level of kindness from both of these companies…”

Omar Housini — Herbal Footprint, Merced, CA (April 2018)

“Very easy to quote and good feedback and updates along the way.”

Katie Borden — Peach Breeze, US (February 2018)

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