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3PL FedEx for SMB Logistics Management

Learn how to integrate third party fulfillment into your supply chain with 3PL FedEx for e-commerce and SMB shippers.

Dylan Sommer

Many startups and small to medium-sized businesses don’t have the manpower or financial resources at hand to manage their supply chain and logistics operations. That’s where a 3PL company like FedEx can enable the business to streamline its distribution and ensure proper warehousing. Before we learn more about FedEx, let’s discuss what a 3PL (or third-party logistics provider) is all about. 

What is 3PL? 

Outsourcing logistics, stocking, transportation, and customer fulfillment to a third-party logistics provider, or 3PL, is a turnkey solution for handling your whole supply chain. Entrusting all or a portion of your logistics activities to a third party enables small business owners to successfully manage supply chains without investing in the infrastructure or technology this requires.

For managing inventory and order processing, several 3PL businesses maintain their own facilities. Transportation solutions can also be provided through a fleet of vehicles that they own or hire out. 

3PL solutions can help businesses that may not want to invest heavily in an internal distribution network. 

3PL Company FedEx 

With over 650 service centers across 100 different countries and 130 in North America alone, FedEx is one of the most recognized 3PL service providers. The company can provide industry-specific solutions along with tools and technologies to empower its clients to make high-performance decisions that can lead to business growth and expansion. 

FedEx 3PL Process 

The process of supply chain and inventory management at FedEx depends on the nature of your business. The service provides tailored solutions for e-commerce, retail, electronics, industrial, and consumer goods sectors along with special-handling services for perishables, dangerous goods, and hazardous materials. 

FedEx Services and Benefits 

Wondering if you need a 3PL for your company?

The following are some of the most prevalent causes of the need for logistics services: 

  • Inbound logistics require excessive time and money to be done in-house.   
  • You want to grow your business without adding excessive fixed costs.  
  • You need data analytics and reports for informed decision-making.  
  • You want to expand your distribution network into far away regions.  
  • Your main focus is business growth rather than operational activities. 

With FedEx, it is safe to say that you are in good hands. Some of the major benefits FedEx service can provide you with include: 

  • With 130 North American locations and over 600 service centers worldwide, FedEx can help you scale up your business operations and expand the distribution network across many cities and countries 
  • Using technology-enabled solutions, your business can keep an eye on all the stock information and insights for better inventory management. 
  • Businesses that deal in perishable, dangerous, and hazardous goods can rely on FedEx for safe and secure supply chain and inventory management. 
  • You can get expert guidance from FedEx professionals on a number of challenges including square footage requirements, stock efficiency, loading logistics, and transportation management. 

FedEx 3PL Locations and Coverage 

FedEx provides a wide range of services that include warehousing, distribution, freight forwarding, and transportation.

In the US, these services are enabled by more than 40 million square feet of physical space spread across over 130 warehouse and distribution facilities along with 30 omnichannel fulfillment centers.

FedEx 3PL services operate in a number of countries including the US, the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Canada, UAE, and most of Europe and Asia. With over 600 logistics centers globally, you’ll likely find a FedEx branch that works for your logistics needs.

Other 3PL Companies 

Aside from FedEx third-party logistics, there are many other 3PL companies you can select for your unique requirements. 

A few of the major 3PL companies include the following:  

  • Shipwire – Shipwire has 145 facilities worldwide and offers 3PL fulfillment services. The company concentrates on stock and supply chain management through the use of automation and software. 
  • UPS – UPS is one of the most dependable supply chain businesses in the world, offering services in 200 countries worldwide with 596 storage facilities in the US. 
  • ShipBob – Offering 30+ warehouse locations, ShipBob has made a name for itself in a short time offering automated 3PL solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. 

How to Find the Best 3PL for Your Business 

Assessing your needs and goals is critical before deciding on a 3PL company. Inquire about the 3PL service companies’ offerings and check out online reviews. Among the most important considerations are compliance with your company’s software, operational automation, locations of logistics sites, value-added services, and cost of services. 

3PL company FedEx FAQs 

  • What should I look for in a 3PL company?

If you want effective supply chain management, make sure your 3PL partner provides access to a robust automation and technology solution that can help you keep an eye on the inventory in real-time.

  • Does FedEx provide 3PL services in my country?

As FedEx has warehousing locations in over 100 countries, it is highly likely that you can get the required 3PL services in your region.

  • Is a 3PL?

No. is an online booking platform – not a logistics provider. This means that can help when it comes to finding shipping to a 3PL service provider warehouse, but will not be providing these services directly. 

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