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3PL Provider Fulfillrite for SMB Logistics Management

Learn how to integrate third party fulfillment into your supply chain with Fulfillrite.

Fulfillrite is a third-party logistics, or 3PL, service provider. This partner may be right for your business if you’re seeking a contemporary logistics partner with leading-edge technology to improve the efficiency and lower the cost of your supply chain operations. 

Some services that you can access when using Fufillrite for 3PL include order fulfilment, management, and packaging. Plus, your products can be delivered anywhere in the US in only one business day.

Fulfillrite is a 3PL service provider – but what is a 3PL company and why is working with one is right for your company? 

What is 3PL? 

Shipping logistics are complex. Getting goods across oceans and to the person who purchased them involves numerous steps, documents, and regulations. For small businesses, managing the entire supply chain can be overwhelming.

Third-party logistics, often known as 3PL, let companies without dedicated logistics team hire reputable service providers that provide full-service logistical support anywhere around the globe. 

3PL companies offer a range of logistical services to businesses, particularly small ones that aren’t ready for significant infrastructure investments. Most 3PL service providers can customize their offerings to meet the particular needs of the businesses they serve. 

3PL Fulfillrite 

New Jersey-based Fulfillrite is a relatively small company. However, the 3PL provider’s small size hasn’t prevented it from competing with well-known brands like UPS, DHL, and FedEx. 

A family-run business, Fulfillrite is dedicated to providing its customers with cutting-edge and creative solutions to their logistical issues. The company also offers many services other more prominent logistics companies may overlook, such as crowdfunding, subscription boxes, and Amazon FBA prep. 

Let’s explore the various advantages and benefits of using Fulfillrite for 3PL services. 

3PL Fulfillrite Services and Advantages 

Fulfillrite was established as a family business, and its primary goal is to assist small and medium businesses with their online sales.  

With quick delivery to most countries around the globe, a straightforward setup process, and convenient access to real-time customer and inventory records, Fulfillrite provides a streamlined order fulfilment process facilitated by cutting-edge eCommerce technologies.  

Fulfillrite offers a customized pick and pack price structure that propels business growth and keeps costs low while ensuring customer satisfaction through speedy order processing and receipt. Fulfillrite also offers volume-based discounts to its partners. 

The company is also in tune with the latest software management systems. For example, inventory, order, and return management is easily accessible using Fulfillrite’s software. Additionally, they offer a specialized account manager that is available to support your company. 

3PL Fulfillrite Locations and Coverage  

Although Fulfillrite only provides coverage for the United States, its advantageous location in New Jersey allows  quick access to several shipping partners and airports. 

If you are primarily shipping in the US, Fulfillrite can be the right 3PL partner for you. 

Other 3PL Companies Similar to Fulfillrite 

  • UPS 

One of the most dependable supply chain companies in the world, UPS has 596 US facilities and is present in 200 other countries. As a 3PL service provider, UPS is a good choice. 

  • FedEx 

Businesses will like working with FedEx since they provide excellent customer service and will guide you through numerous logistical processes. Pricing for various services depends on a range of factors, including size and unit count. 

  • ShipBob 

With more than 30 warehouse sites across the country, ShipBob has quickly established a reputation for providing small- to medium-sized enterprises with automated 3PL solutions across the USA. Currently, ShipBob is expanding globally. ShipBob offers a unique cost structure customized to meet the needs of each client. 

How to Find the Right 3PL for Your Business 

Before selecting a 3PL service provider, it is crucial to assess your needs and goals. Find out what customers think of various 3PLs and examine what features they provide to make sure you are getting exactly what you need. 

Some of the most important aspects to consider are alignment with the technology stack you’re already using, operational performance, regional locations, value-added services, and maintenance costs. 

3PL Fulfillrite FAQs 

  • How do you choose a 3PL service provider? 

If you want effective 3PL services, make sure your 3PL partner has an automation and technology platform so you can monitor your inventory at all times. Also look at customer reviews to see what other business owners are saying.

  • Does offer 3PL services? 

No. is an online marketplace for freight booking. You can get live quotes from dozens of vetted logistics providers, including delivering directly to a 3PL service provider warehouse. 

  • Is Fulfillrite available in my country? 

At the moment, Fulfillrite exclusively offers its services in the US. International businesses can, however, use their distribution networks to deliver goods to American customers. 

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