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3PL Provider UPS for SMB Logistics Management

Learn how to integrate third party fulfillment into your supply chain with UPS. Read more about services, locations, costs, and more…

Dylan Sommer

Outsourcing is the wave of the future.

With the cost of doing business ever-increasing, companies are seeking out-of-the-box solutions that are both cost-effective and of high quality. 

Third-party logistics, or 3PL, is a way for companies to take advantage of expert service providers to deliver outsourced logistics coverage around the world. One name that is well-recognized in this space is UPS. 

But first, let’s establish what a 3PL is and how it works. 

What is a 3PL? 

3PLs provide comprehensive logistical services to businesses of all sizes. 

All types of companies can use 3PL services, but they are most beneficial for small or medium businesses that may not have the expertise or budget to deal with international shipping logistics and supply chain management. 

The best 3PL service providers also tailor their services to fulfill the unique requirements of their client’s businesses. 

3PL UPS for supply chain management

UPS is considered an industry leader and is the world’s largest logistics company by revenue. The company has been around since 1907 and has a presence in over 220 countries and territories. 

The company prides itself on delivering its clients the gold standard of logistical services. In addition, UPS has made use of the 3PL business model to expand its reach and capabilities even further. 

What sets UPS apart from the rest is that it offers a complete and comprehensive solution for a company’s logistical requirements. UPS can easily handle warehousing, distribution, order fulfillment, and more using its 3PL infrastructure. 

Companies can also monitor their products and use the service provider’s competitive advantages in the industry to provide a better experience to the end-user. 

3PL UPS services and benefits

UPS can use its 3PL capabilities to add value to your business in many ways. For starters, you can essentially hand over the entire logistics portion of your business and supply chain to UPS. 

This will allow you, as a small business, to focus on producing your product while the 3PL experts handle everything else, like storage, distribution channels, order fulfillment, and more. This will result in a lower overall cost for your business, and you can use these savings to invest in your business further. 

Finally, all of your suppliers, POs, and procedures can be managed with the aid of the UPS origin cargo management (OCM) system. The company will gather information from suppliers and carriers and convey it to you, and you can also choose to have an advanced control tower deliver PO and shipping data to your business if you need it. 

3PL UPS locations and coverage  

UPS has over 1,000 global distribution facilities at their disposal amounting to 25 million square feet globally, as well as over 950 field stocking locations.

UPS provides comprehensive logistics services via a global network of distribution centers, innovative supply chain management technology, and hands-on expertise to keep your goods moving. From receiving to storage and order processing to shipment, UPS is a good option for SMBs looking for top-notch 3PL services and solutions.

Other 3PL companies similar to UPS 

If you’re wondering about other third-party logistics service providers, you can choose from a variety of alternatives to UPS, depending on your specific business needs. 


One of the most well-known 3PL service companies is FedEx, which has more than 600 service centers spread over 100 different nations. The 3PL can offer tools and technology, together with solutions tailored to a particular market, enabling its clients to focus on the growth and development of their businesses. 


With 145 locations, Shipwire provides 3PL fulfillment services particularly tailored to SMBs ready to scale. The firm uses automation and software to focus on supply chain management and inventory management. 


ShipBob, which has more than 30 warehouse sites in the USA and is expanding globally, has quickly established a reputation for providing automated 3PL solutions for small to medium-sized companies. They provide responsive customer service and a range of additional services to suit most business needs. 

How to find the best 3PL for your business 

It’s important to evaluate your needs and objectives before choosing a 3PL service provider. Ask about the amenities offered and take a moment to search what their customers think – online reviews are a good indication of what you can expect. 

Compatibility with your company’s software, administrative efficiency, logistical locations, value-added services, and maintenance costs are a few of the more crucial factors to take into account. 

You can also utilize’s online freight booking platform to find the best offer shipping to your chosen 3PLs warehouse or seek out quotes that include all services door-to-door. 

UPS third-party logistics FAQs 

  • How do I choose a 3PL Service Provider? 

Make sure your 3PL partner has access to a powerful automation and technology solution that can help you keep an eye on the inventory in real-time and keep your goods moving seamlessly. 

  • Does offer 3PL Services? 

No. is an online booking platform – not a logistics provider. This means that can be your ally when it comes to finding shipping to a 3PL service provider warehouse, but will not be providing these services directly. 

  • Does UPS operate in my country? 

Since UPS operates warehouses in more than 220 countries, it is very likely that you’ll be able to find the necessary 3PL services nearby. 

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