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In 2016, Buffalo Games, a prominent player in the consumer products industry, witnessed an unprecedented phenomenon with the release of their highly anticipated game, Watch Ya’Mouth. This hilarious and engaging game took the market by storm, captivating consumers far beyond initial projections. The resounding demand for Watch Ya’Mouth quickly outstripped forecasts, creating a challenge and a unique opportunity.

With consumer interest at an all-time high, Buffalo Games faced the demanding task of ensuring the timely availability of 150,000 games to meet this skyrocketing demand. The option of sea freight, the traditional and cost-effective method, was regrettably no longer feasible due to time constraints. 

This pivotal moment marked the entrance of Freightos onto Buffalo Games’ journey. As a premier digital logistics partner, Freightos provided the solution that Buffalo Games needed to navigate this complex logistical puzzle. With expertise honed through years of innovation and industry leadership, Freightos rose to the occasion, enabling Buffalo Games to capitalize on this incredible opportunity.

Through seamless coordination and strategic planning, Freightos facilitated the successful air freight of 150,000 Watch Ya’Mouth games, defying time constraints and meeting the unprecedented demand head-on. Not only did Freightos ensure that the goods reached their destination on time, but their involvement also translated into substantial cost savings for Buffalo Games.

The collaborative effort between Buffalo Games and Freightos transformed a potential logistical setback into a resounding success story. By leveraging Freightos’ cutting-edge solutions and expert insights, Buffalo Games not only delivered on their promise to consumers but also demonstrated the power of innovation in overcoming challenges.

The partnership between Buffalo Games and Freightos stands as a testament to the transformative impact of advanced logistics solutions on global business operations. In the realm of consumer products and beyond, Freightos continues to redefine possibilities, turning challenges into triumphs and propelling companies like Buffalo Games towards even greater success on the global stage.

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