Code&Quill’s 21st-Century Solution to an Age-Old Problem

Freight used to be opaque and complex, but Code&Quill found a simpler and more cost effective shipping solution with

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About Code&Quill

In January 2015, Ronak Patel of Code&Quill launched a Kickstarter campaign for a notebook with a modern spin on the lost art of putting pen to paper.

Targeted toward creatives, the notebook quickly found a cult following with groups ranging from architects to artists, and even the Dungeons and Dragons community, which uses the “idea capturers” to plan campaigns.


The initial fundraising effort was successful enough to justify hiring a staff, including Dan Otto, who was tasked with logistics.
When it came to ship the goods to the new company’s nearly 1,200 backers, Dan realized one very crucial thing…

“Moving anything halfway around the world is a tall order.”

He felt that the freight industry was unable to provide small businesses like his with a 21st-century experience – the very thing that defines Code&Quill.

When not getting the runaround by sourcing agencies, Dan would find himself waiting 48 hours for a single freight quote. 

The system was untenable for the fast-growing business with eager customers and a shoestring team that just needed to get things done smoothly.

“There is pressure to set up an effective shipping process. It has to work the same way every time.”


To solve the shipping bottleneck, Dan looked for digital solutions that would enable Code&Quill to search, book, and track all of their shipments while cutting costs and saving time. This enhanced transparency and smoother shipping supply chain would allow the company to scale and grow.


“ was everything that our previous logistics process wasn’t.”

One of the things that attracted him most to the platform was how intuitive it was. He appreciated that he wasn’t required to know any technical freight jargon, while also having the peace of mind that he was still getting exactly what he wanted.


Using, Dan was able to create a process that could be duplicated whenever he needed to create a new shipment. He also found that quotes on were 60% less expensive than the ones he was getting elsewhere.

“The cost savings are genuine. You’re not getting subpar service.”

In addition to significant cost savings, Dan was also able to track and optimize the entire supply chain, enhancing transparency and control over the shipping process. While access to multiple freight forwarders was previously limited to enterprise companies with large, in-house logistics teams, give businesses of any size or at any stage instant access to live rates across dozens of providers, modes, and routes:

“ democratizes business. Anyone can start an eCommerce store without having to worry about being a logistics expert.”

Now the pair is able to focus on their customers, growth, and products. 

Favorite Features

Client dashboard

Greener options to reduce carbon footprint

Comparison of multiple quotes

Get a demo of’s Enterprise Shipper capabilities helps you spend less time and money on each shipment, reducing spend with better:

  • Improved selection across price, mode, vendor, performance metrics on each shipment
  • Reduced management time with on-demand documentat management and tracking
  • Real-time service through automated services, real-time chat, and integrated messaging options
  • Powerful payment options, including credit, batch processing, reconcilations and more.

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