What is Free Alongside Ship (FAS) Shipping Incoterm?

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FAS In Plain English

For FAS (Free Alongside Ship) shipping, the seller arranges all export country stages. The buyer arranges all other stages to the cargo’s ultimate destination. Not recommended.

Where Is The Named Place For Handing Over Responsibility From The Seller To The Buyer?

The seller is liable and responsible for all the steps in their country, up until the goods are alongside the ship, or the terminal warehouse in the case of air freight. The buyer is responsible for loading.

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What Does The ICC Say?

Not recommended for containerized freight. Designed for bulk and break bulk cargo.

Is This A Good Choice?

There is no obvious reason why the buyer should only want to be liable and responsible for one task in the export country – loading containerized freight. Consider FOB instead, which is exactly the same as FAS, but has the additional benefit of the seller being liable and responsible for loading the ship.

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