What is FCL Shipping?

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The FCL Shipping Term

The FCL freight term, meaning “full container load,” is a term used in ocean freight, as opposed to LCL (less than container load).

What Does FCL Mean?

A full container load does not mean that the shipment fills an entire container, but rather FCL freight shipping is a shipment mode, whereby only one shipment, or part of a shipment, is included in a container.

There are several benefits to using the FCL shipping mode rather than LCL. One of these benefits is a reduced risk of damage or loss.

Another big benefit of an FCL shipment is quicker transit time. There are several reasons for this, primarily that FCL shipments do not require consolidation and deconsolidation. In some circumstances, FCL may even be the cheaper mode, for example, if the shipment volume occupies 75% of the smallest shipping container.

To help you decide if FCL shipping is the right choice for you, estimate your rates and transit time using our free calculator:


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