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As the world’s largest online freight booking marketplace, leverages data to deliver live updates and breaking news from the shipping industry in 2023.

Ocean & Sea Freight Market Updates

Early on in the pandemic, consumer demand spiked rapidly causing a constriction of available container capacity. High demand, low availability, and ongoing volatility and disruptions have driven ocean freight prices to unprecedented highs.

Currently freight rates are around 10x what they were two years ago, making it critical to secure both capacity and pricing quickly and simply. leverages  live freight rate data from logistics providers across lanes and modes to deliver up to date insights so you can pick the best freight offerings for your shipment needs.

Air Freight Market Updates

With ocean freight so unstable, many shippers have chosen to swallow the additional costs of air cargo to ensure their goods get where they need to go on time. This elevated demand combined with pandemic and other disruptions including the suspension of flights from Russia have pushed freight costs to more than 4x what they were in 2019.

Passenger air travel is back, translating to more capacity, but the market remains unpredictable. Getting accurate information about air cargo pricing and transit time can help you secure your supply chain and lower shipping costs.

Freight News

Even when goods move slow, the freight market moves fast. Read about current conditions, market trends, and access more in depth information about shipping in the weekly blog.

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