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See how Freightos provides smoother freight through a balance of technology and personal service.

Price Busters Furniture

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In the heart of a bustling city, a family-owned furniture company is providing quality furniture at affordable prices to the masses. Before discovering Freightos, the journey to deliver their products to homes was a daunting and exhausting task.

The company’s founders found themselves navigating a labyrinth of logistics, chasing after ever-changing market trends and tracking their shipments manually. It was a relentless pursuit to secure the best deals for their customers, but the process demanded time and effort that they could use to enhance their offerings and service.

Then came Freightos, an innovative platform that revolutionized the way they approached shipping and logistics. The user-friendly front end and the tracking system instantly streamlined their operations, allowing them to focus on their true passion: providing exceptional furniture choices to their customers.

Before it was a nightmare. We literally had to go bid and see where the market was. We had to track our own shipments – it was outrageous. Once we got with, it was a whole different story.

Nick Finkelstein,

What impressed them most was Freightos dedicated team taking care of all the intricate logistics and ensuring they received the most competitive prices. This partnership transformed the company’s ability to scale and adapt to the ever-evolving demands of the furniture industry. Yet, it wasn’t just the exceptional service that sealed the deal. Price Busters appreciated the familiar and welcoming atmosphere that resonated with their own values. With Freightos as their trusted partner, they continued to thrive and expand their reach.

See how Freightos provides smoother freight through a balance of technology and personal service.

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