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The Great Freight Experiment, Part II

Eytan Buchman

In our Great Freight Experiment, we tried to get freight quotes from the websites of the world’s 15 largest freight forwarders. And….we were disappointed with the results. Online B2B networking is growing rapidly in every industry…but clearly hasn’t reached freight quoting. So we tried another experiment – the Great Freight Experiment, Part II.

Online Freight Sales: How long does it take top freight forwarders to quote by phone, email or online?

Not in the mood to watch?

Basically, we requested seven quotes (LCL, FCL and Air ) from a leading freight forwarder. We presented ourselves as a new business prospect, with the potential for more business down the line and were careful to convey all relevant information in the first encounter, unless certain details were not requested.

The results were far from impressive. Only ~60% of the quote requests ended up with a quote on our table. Yep, three requests were totally ignored.

The quotes that weren’t ignored took days (literally!) to get to us, ranging from about 24 hours to 4 days. One particular example we telling: it took only 37 minutes to get 2/3 legs of a shipment…and another 4 days to get the third leg quoted.

But what does it mean?

There are three big take-aways from this experiment:

  1. Freight companies are a little better at quoting over the phone, compared to online freight quotes. But that’s not saying much; it still takes days.
  2. One major sticking point in freight quotes is as the seam between agents or offices. Every office a pricing professional needs to contact can add days to the timeline.
  3. Freight quoting is really (really!) slow.

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Eytan Buchman

CMO, Freightos Group

Eytan Buchman loves freight so much he shouts out container sizes while he walks around. He’s obsessed with marketing, data storytelling (it’s a thing!) and bakes really good cookies. He’s the Chief Marketing Officer at the Freightos Group, which runs Freightos, the world’s leading online freight marketplace, and WebCargo, the digital network connecting logistics providers with airlines and ocean liners. When he’s not thinking about pallets, he hosts the Marketers in Capes podcast, and consults to a number of startups and nonprofits. He still likes Minidisc players and has never skied. Ever.

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