COVID’s Long-Term Impact Global Supply Chain Impact with Neil Ackerman, J&J

Future of Freight Episode #5

Aired: August 4th 2020

Guest: Neil Ackerman, Head of Advanced Technologies, Global Supply Chain, Johnson and Johnson

Note: This webinar assumes some prior understanding of the logistics technology ecosystem

In Episode #5 of Future of Freight, Neil Ackerman, a former award-warning Amazon fulfillment inventor and supply chain innovation professional at Mondelez, and currently the Head of Advanced Technologies, Global Supply Chain, Johnson and Johnson, talks to Freightos CMO Eytan Buchman about logistics tech innovation.

Over forty minutes, Neil shares how COVID is impacting global supply chains, core supply chain innovation lessons learned at Amazon, how logistics providers need to think to support multinational companies, and the reason that sensors, RPA, and data will change global supply chains. Oh, and they also talk about dog treats, data-driven date rankings, and more.

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