The TMS’s Role in a Changing Freight Forwarder Landscape

Future of Freight Episode #32

Aired: September 6th @ 9:00am EST, 15:00 CET

Importers and exporters come to freight forwarders for transportation management. So it’s no surprise that the TMS – the transportation management system – is the nerve center for many forwarders. But still, most rely on a mix-and-match potpourri of homegrown, outsourced and SaaS platforms. In this episode, we talk to Kareem Naouri, the founder and CEO of LogistaaS, a fast-emerging TMS used by independent and multinational forwarders to hear about the evolution of the digital forwarder, the role of the TMS in a changing freight ecosystem, how carrier evolution creates opportunities for forwarders, and more.

Note: This webinar assumes some prior understanding of the logistics technology ecosystem