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Brushee – The On The Go Toothbrush with 3 in 1 Convenience


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Meet Brushee

Brushee, a pioneering brand emphasizing oral care on the go, has become synonymous with convenience and functionality. Their founder, Ian Rollin Berry, was accepted to law school when he and his brother were testing different portable oral care solutions. Ian ultimately declined admission to law school and took on developing Brushee, a pocket-sized toothbrush, equipped with toothpaste-infused bristles, a concealed toothpick, and floss.

Air traffic has been up 68.5% since pandemic levels, and Brushee has quickly become immensely popular among travelers seeking a hassle-free and quick oral hygiene solution. With a primarily US-based audience, Brushee sells directly to customers, wholesale, and through Amazon. 


Before discovering, Brushee lacked a structured shipping process, relying on the shipment of finished products from JHB, Malaysia to the East Coast without a dedicated system. Handling shipping independently, without platforms like, presents challenges in cost management, logistics coordination, real-time tracking, and overall efficiency. Comparing and securing cost-effective shipping rates becomes complex, logistical coordination is more challenging, real-time tracking is limited, and the absence of a centralized platform can result in delays and inefficiencies.


Looking for an easier shipping solution with competitive rates, Ian was referred to and booked his first shipment in Q4 of 2021. Shipping approximately 1 to 4 times a month, Brushee’s primary shipping lanes stretch from Johor Bahru, Malaysia, to locations in Tennessee, Illinois, and Florida, utilizing air freight and less-than-container load (LCL) modes. 

Brushee soon saw 5-10% bottom line savings in rates, as well as enhanced overall efficiency in their shipping operations. This strategic decision not only optimized their cost-effectiveness but also streamlined delivery processes, leading to faster and more reliable shipments. The heightened performance has garnered positive feedback from customers, solidifying Brushee’s reputation for delivering exceptional service promptly. Credit Program

The application process for the Freightos Credit Program was simple and has helped with managing Brushee’s cash flow and enhancing liquidity. By having credit terms through the Freightos program, Brushee gained more flexibility in financial operations. This has allowed them to: 

  • Better manage cash flow
  • Optimize working capital
  • Improve the cash conversion cycle

This payment option allows Shippers to pay for their Shipment on approved credit terms. Shippers can apply for credit on by clicking the ‘Apply for credit’ button. Credit is offered to Shippers in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. only, subject to a formal application process, as available under applicable laws and financial regulations. does not currently offer credit in other countries or territories.

“The application process was simple and straightforward. Having credit terms helps manage cashflow, improving our working capital and hence, our cash conversion cycle.”

-Ian Berry, Brushee Founder

Top Supply Chain Tips for SMB Shippers

  1. Forecasting Precision: Nail your forecasting (as much as humanly possible): New shippers should invest time and effort in developing robust systems for accurate predictions, recognizing their potential to significantly impact unrealized profit. 
  2. Cash Flow Optimization: Leverage credit terms to optimize cash flow: Recognizing the variability in cash flow situations, new shippers need to strike a balance. While optimizing for cash is essential, maintaining ample inventory provides a safety net, preventing stockouts and enabling businesses to seize opportunities promptly. 
  3. Consistency is Key: Find a process and stick to it. Be consistent: Finding a systematic approach and maintaining consistency in operations not only fosters efficiency but also instills reliability in the eyes of customers and partners.

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Top Features

  1. Competitive Rates: A standout feature Brushee loves is’s competitive rates. The ability to compare rates from different providers in real-time means significant savings in time and money.sion: Nail your forecasting (as much as humanly possible)
  2. Ease of Use: The platform’s design and functionality make it easy for users to navigate, which provides a seamless and efficient experience from start to finish.
  3. Seamless Notification Process and Tracking:’s notification system and tracking capabilities provide timely updates and transparency throughout the shipment lifecycle. This feature enables Brushee to stay informed and responsive to their logistics needs, contributing to overall operational excellence.

Favorite Features

Competitive Rates

Ease of Use

Seamless Notifications

Get a demo of’s Enterprise Shipper capabilities helps you spend less time and money on each shipment, reducing spend with better:

  • Improved selection across price, mode, vendor, performance metrics on each shipment
  • Reduced management time with on-demand documentat management and tracking
  • Real-time service through automated services, real-time chat, and integrated messaging options
  • Powerful payment options, including credit, batch processing, reconcilations and more.

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