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Freight Shipping Hazardous Material Table: Freight Tools

Read all about shipping hazardous materials & dangerous goods – regulations, documentation, and more.


Delve into a comprehensive understanding of the nine Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) classes in the United States to gain crucial insights into how they impact your freight and shipping requirements. By clicking on any symbol in our Hazardous Materials Table, you can unlock a wealth of information that illuminates the nature of each class and its specific implications for transportation.

Classifying hazardous materials is vital for ensuring the safety of both transportation personnel and the general public. From Class 1, encompassing explosive materials, to Class 9, which includes miscellaneous hazardous substances, each class is characterized by distinct properties that influence handling, packaging, and transportation protocols.

Whether you are a shipper, carrier, or involved in the logistics of hazardous materials, a nuanced understanding of these classes is indispensable for navigating the intricacies of transporting potentially dangerous goods. Click on any symbol in our Hazardous Materials Table to embark on a journey of knowledge that ensures the safe and efficient movement of hazardous materials through the transportation network.

Shipping Hazardous Materials and the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Table

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