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In just six years, Feedvisor has grown from an unknown startup to managing billions of dollars of $GMV, powering millions of pricing decisions daily. Hear from Victor Rosenman, CEO & founder of Feedvisor and Algo-Commerce pioneer about how he leveraged his computer science background to build the market leader in big data and machine learning algorithms for online retail.

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Masters of Trade - Victor Rosenman

About Victor Rosenman

Before founding Feedvisor, Victor was a founder of an innovative social media marketing startup and a senior R&D manager at Sun Microsystems. Victor holds a B.Sc. in computer science and an executive MBA from Kellogg Northwestern.


About Feedvisor

Feedvisor is the pioneer of Algo-Commerce – the discipline of using big data and machine learning algorithms to make business-critical decisions for online retailers.

Feedvisor’s cloud-based algorithmic repricing and revenue intelligence solutions power millions of pricing decisions daily, providing retailers with actionable insights to maximize profitability and drive business growth.

Feedvisor was founded in 2011 and has since become a true market leader. In the last year alone, Feedvisor’s customer base has grown by 250% and over $2 billion in GMV is managed on the Feedvisor platform. Clients have seen results of up to 34% increase in revenue, 28% increase in sales and 37% increase in profit margins.

Feedvisor’s technology has won several prestigious industry awards, including the Red Herring Top 100 Global in 2014, and Frost and Sullivan’s Technology Leadership Award 2014.