Terminal Handling Charges (THC): Meaning, Calculation, and Fees

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Who Charges Terminal Handling Charges: Terminal Provider

Charge At: Origin/Destination

What Is THC (Terminal Handling Charges) In Shipping?

This charge is an aggregation of costs associated with the terminal provider’s property, and only applies to ocean freight.

What is Included In THC?

The costs covered include access, equipment maintenance, equipment use, and labor (stevedoring). The property covered includes the wharf, the carrier’s terminal facility, or a container freight station (CFS).

Terminal Handling Charges

Wharfage Charges & Fees

Occasionally some components (eg, wharfage) are not aggregated but charged as a separate fee. Wharfage is a charge on all goods that are loaded, unloaded or transshipped within the Terminal Provider’s property by any means of transportation.

THC is sometimes included with the port to port charge as an all-inclusive rate.

Terminal Handling Charges & Fees

This is a pass-through charge and legally not negotiable, but varies per terminal. Forwarders do not apply a margin, so it is an easy charge to check (most carriers usually display it on their home page).


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