Container Fumigation Fee

Who Charges the Container Fumigation Fee: Fumigator

Charge At: Origin

Container Fumigation Fee Description: Fumigating or de-fumigating (removing fumigants after treatment) cargo goods, packaging and wood pallets may be required either under the IMO International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code, or US law, as enforced by CBP.

Charged by the vigilant fumigator at the origin, the Container Fumigation Fee is a crucial step in ensuring cargo compliance with international standards. This fee covers the haulage from the exporter’s premises to the port or warehouse, addressing the fumigation or de-fumigation needs of goods, packaging, and wood pallets.

Whether it’s a flat rate or includes a fuel surcharge, this fee, also known as Transport Arbitrary at Origin or Inland Haulage, safeguards against potential risks associated with dangerous goods.

Before payment, secure written confirmation, and for a similar fee at the destination, refer to the Delivery Fee. Navigate this fee with confidence for a seamless journey from origin to destination.

The service may be undertaken before pickup, or on board ship during the port to port leg.

This fee covers haulage from the exporter’s premises to the port/warehouse. It can be struck as a set rate, or also include a fuel surcharge. AKA Transport Arbitrary at Origin, or Inland Haulage.

Container Fumigation Fee Tips: Ensure that you receive written confirmation before paying this charge.

Refer to the Delivery Fee for a similar fee at destination.

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