CRGO Investor Relations

Leadership and Governance

Freightos is strongly committed to operate with the utmost integrity. We view our governance policies as a key lever to thoughtfully represent shareholder interests.


Communications with Directors

Anyone, including shareholders and other interested persons, who would like to communicate with, or otherwise make their concerns known directly to, the chairperson of any of the Audit Committee, Governance Committee or Compensation Committee of the Board, any then-serving Lead Independent Director, or one or more non-management or independent directors (including as a group), may do so by addressing such communications or concerns to General Counsel as follows:

Chairperson of the Board
Or Board of Directors
Or Individual Director
Or Independent Directors
c/o General Counsel
Freightos Limited
Malcha Technology Park Building 2
Agudat Sport Hapoel 1
Jerusalem, Israel 9695102
Email address: [email protected]

The General Counsel or a staff member assisting the General Counsel reviews all such correspondence and maintains a log of all communications and transmits such communication that, in their opinion, deals with the functions of the Board or its committee or that otherwise requires the attention of the intended recipient, to the intended recipient(s). Concerns relating to accounting, internal controls or auditing matters should be reported by clicking here.

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