Terms of Service for Sellers

Buying freight is simple with Freightos. We try to make our legal terms and conditions as simple as possible too. Read on to learn how Freightos works. Terms of Service for Sellers

Last updated: January 6, 2022

1. General

This policy details how logistics service providers (“Sellers”) display, sell and provide services through These rules may change from time to time to reflect best business practices. Since all changes are binding and will govern a Seller’s presence on, we recommend that Sellers review this policy every three months to stay up to date. Active Sellers may be notified in writing regarding substantial changes. Sellers can contact us with any questions and feedback is welcome. The use of is also subject to the Freightos Master Services Agreement (“MSA”). All capitalized words in this document have the meaning found in this document or in the Glossary.

All Sellers are expected to provide charges, interact with Buyers, and execute shipments as detailed in the Standard Operating Procedure and Sellers Terms and Conditions.

All disputes between Buyer and Seller are covered by the Dispute Policy. Non compliance with these policies is cause for termination.

2. Welcome to provides an innovative online platform that makes global trade frictionless by matching businesses looking for a better freight experience with a global network of first-rate logistics service providers. enables freight forwarders, brokers, carriers, insurers, and other professional vendors of freight services (“Sellers”) to easily and instantly sell freight services or ancillary services to Buyers. regularly acquires new Buyers for Sellers to offer an excellent freight experience.

3. What Provides Sellers is a platform that allows Buyers and Sellers to find each other and generate instant quotes that facilitate entering into freight service contracts. The contract is always directly between the Seller and the Buyer. is not a party to that agreement in any capacity. Rather, is a facilitator of the exchange of freight services between Buyers and Sellers. provides the Seller, with the following services:

  • Automation to generate price Quotes based on the rates provided by a Seller.
  • Advertising and promotion of a Seller’s freight services across the platform and websites.
  • Supporting the establishment of a commercial contract between a Seller and a Buyer.
  • Providing a platform for communication and document exchanges between a Seller and Buyer to facilitate the smooth operation of the transaction and allow auditing, tracking, dispute resolution, and rating of the transaction.
  • Acting as the Seller’s collection agent to collect payment from Buyers on their behalf for the services provided.
  • Payment Guarantee – acts as agent of the Seller (payee) and guarantees payment in full for the amount stated in the Seller’s Quote and for a limited list of additional services. See the Section below for more details.

Unless agreed to otherwise, does not act as a freight vendor, forwarder, insurer, broker, contracting agent, customs broker, or other representative, nor does act as a Buyer, Shipper, consignee, Importer of Record or principal party of interest. Sellers are responsible for performing all obligations in providing freight services under any agreements with the Buyer.’s team is here to help things go smoothly.

3.1. Seller Tiers

In an effort to provide the right service to our vendors, assigns tiered statuses to our Sellers. These tiers will dictate to some degree the expectations we have of Sellers in each tier, as well as what kind of support each tier will receive from the team. Tiers will be assigned based on a number of factors.

4. How Does work brings Buyers and Sellers of freight services together, facilitating them to enter into freight service agreements. A Buyer looking to ship goods will enter his or her specifications into the designated fields, click “Search” and will instantly see automatically generated price Quotes provided by Sellers. When a Buyer purchases a Seller’s service by booking a Quote, this becomes a legal and binding agreement between the Buyer and the Seller.

5. Seller Fees charges Sellers the following fees for every shipment booked through Freightos:

Main Mode Seller’s Fee Custom Quotes Only Sellers
FCL 2% 10% for all Modes
LCL 4%
AIR 4%
LTL 10%
Drayage 2%
FTL 2%
Express/Courier 10%
Rail 5%


All transactions are subject to a minimum 5 USD charge and all fee calculations are based on the total amounts invoiced by the Seller.

For a multi-leg shipment, the fee percentage will be assessed based only on the main mode of the shipment. For example: if a shipment is picked up by a truck at a factory and is transferred by air freight overseas, the primary mode for the Seller’s Fee calculation will be AIR (4%) and not LTL (10%) (truck). For such a shipment, the Seller’s Fee is 4% of the total amount invoiced by Sellers.

The Seller Fee will be taken on the entire shipment Purchase Order amount. The Seller must consider this when adding additional charges at cost.

5.1. Partnerships

If a Seller wants to offer Quotes on partner sites, they will have to pay partner-specific additional Sellers’ Fee. Sellers will be sent a notification to opt-in or opt-out from services being offered on partner sites.

6. Seller Onboarding

Once a Seller completes and signs the Freightos Sellers Registration Agreement and is accepted into, the Seller will undergo an onboarding process.

6.1. Note for online Seller registration agreement

Sellers must have and maintain all necessary licenses in all applicable jurisdictions. Sellers must be in good financial standing and abide by all applicable laws and regulations. Sellers must also ensure that all subcontractors retained to provide services have and maintain all necessary licenses and abide by applicable laws. Sellers are fully responsible for all actions taken by themselves and by agents and/or subcontractors on their behalf in fulfillment of services through Sellers must also purchase and maintain all insurance policies relevant to providing freight services. Upon onboarding or at any time at’s request, the Seller shall provide copies of any applicable license and insurance policy.

6.2. Seller verification

6.2.1. Introduction of the Seller team and contact for Operations and Support.

6.2.2. Finance review and requirements. Sellers must provide:

  • Certificate of Incorporation / Full Legal Name and Address.
  • The main point of contact in the Seller’s Finance Department.
  • Bank confirmation of the bank account to which initiates payments to.
  • NVOCC licenses (whenever applicable).
  • Insurance policies.
  • Note: New documentation will be required if a Seller wishes to change their bank details.

6.2.3. Agreement on the scope of products and services that will be sold. The services available to a Seller are provided in their designated Tier Guidebook in the appendix below.

6.2.4. Payment process review.

6.3. Training and onboarding

  • Policy review.
  • Review of how to offer Quotes through the platform. When first publishing Quotes, will help Sellers review before they are made available to Buyers.
  • Seller Dashboard training and overview.
  • Guiding the Seller on the execution of their first shipment to help the Seller operate according to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

7. Seller Supplies Data to and Buyers

7.1. Provide with pricing Sellers listed under Tiers I & II will provide with the rates that are made available to Buyers.

The rates that Sellers provide will be used by’s’ unique routing and pricing engine to generate a Quote based on the criteria entered by the Buyer. Sellers will be paid the exact amount listed in the Quote. If a Buyer books a Quote, it becomes a binding contract between the Buyer and the Seller and becomes a shipment.

The Quote currency will determine the final amount paid by to the Seller, irrespective of currency fluctuations between the time of the Quote and of the payment. If the Quote is given to a Buyer in a currency other than US Dollars, then will include an FX conversion markup on the Quote which will not be paid to the Seller.

Sellers shall provide, in one of the ways set forth in our policy, with rates that serve as the basis for generating a Quote. The Quote will include charges as set out in the Standard Operating Procedure. If a Buyer books a shipment from a Seller’s published rates and one of the required charges has not been included, the Seller will not be entitled to receive payment for the omitted charge. For example, if the Seller provides a delivery rate and does not advise that a liftgate fee will apply, the Seller may not add the charge afterward.

7.1.1. Alternative option for pick-up and delivery rates

On, Buyers have the option to receive fully automated door-to-door Quotes. This uses’s routing engine to combine multiple legs of the shipment to offer a full, door-to-door route. For example, if a Seller provides rates for pick-up, origin charges, port-to-port air or ocean, destination charges, and delivery, can combine these into a single door-to-door Quote on the Seller’s behalf.

In case a Seller does not have pick-up/delivery rates, a Seller may authorize to include local trucking rates in the Quote based on a benchmark of current market rates, or based on specific service providers such as a local trucking broker, in order to complete the door-to-door offering. may facilitate fulfillment by a provider but, ultimately, the Seller remains responsible for honoring the price and performing the service.

In order to generate expanded business opportunities and enable Sellers to appear on a maximum number of searches, may include local trucking and associated charges in Sellers’ quotes, based on a benchmark of average market rates. These rates will be displayed for quotation purposes only. Sellers will only be responsible for the rates they authorize.

7.1.2. Mechanisms for providing and updating rates on

Rates can be provided in one of several ways:

  • Manual Templates: Sellers send rates as Excel files in the template provided by our Data team. uploads the rates on the Seller’s behalf. This service is currently offered at no charge for the first six months of selling on After this period, may decide to charge for this service and will provide at least one month’s prior notice. This is currently an option for LTL and FTL rates, as well as for surcharges on all modes. An online template will be provided for FCL, LCL, Air, and Express via Airtable. Sellers will be responsible to update their rates directly on Airtable once the setup is complete.
  • Electronic: Rates are shared with via electronic integration (i.e. API). This requires a fully documented, stable API.
  • SaaS Enabled: If a Seller is a Freightos AcceleRate and/or Freightos WebCargo Subscriber it is possible to automate sharing rates on
  • Self Serve: provides online rate management tools and templates for Sellers to manage pricing directly.
  • Index-Based FCL Rates: Sellers may choose to quote FCL based on the data that drives the Freightos Baltic Index (FBX) rather than providing their own rates. The data consists of FCL port-to-port ocean pricing aggregated anonymously from dozens of freight forwarding companies and logistics providers representing all major carriers on a host of international trade lanes and port pairings. The data used is available only from the day before. Sellers will be given the opportunity to select their pricing profile ranging from competitive to conservative and will also be able to mark the rates up or down.

All rates published are the sole responsibility of the Seller. Once a rate has been provided and published, Sellers must abide by them and perform the shipment in accordance with the Quote.

7.1.3. Publishing new services

Sellers will be able to add additional routes and service levels to their existing services offered based on their tier rating and the applicable Tier Guidebook. will provide Sellers with sample quotes before publishing a new tariff. Once a Seller confirms that the rates may be published, they are solely responsible for their pricing.

Sellers are able to offer promotions to Buyers on These promotions, their financial consequences, and their legality vis-a-vis the regulator will be the responsibility of the Seller.

When Sellers perform searches, they will see only their own promotions. The “Cheapest” and “Best Value” sorting of the tiles is based on the updated value of the Quote, with the promotion value included. The promotion amount will also appear in the shipment console, under the Shipment Charges tab. The Promotion ID (unique to each promotion set up by the Seller) will be displayed under the subtotal.

7.1.4. Rate updates processing time

All Sellers will have their data updated in accordance with the applicable Tier Guidebook.

7.2. Seller provides Track & Trace information

A central pillar of’s business ethic is transparency and delivering a high level of customer service throughout the shipment lifecycle. To that end, provides Sellers with a platform to update Buyers regarding critical shipment milestone data both through direct communication and via an online shipment portal.

To ensure Buyer satisfaction, Sellers will promptly communicate shipment milestones via API integration or manual updates on our platform. The required milestones and SLAs for timely lifecycle communication can be found in Appendix A of this document.

Sellers must use the right method for updating shipment information according to their appropriate Tier Guidebook.

If a Seller would like to do a full API integration with Booking Notification, Tracking, and Incoming Alerts from Sellers using our OpenFreight standard, they can contact to begin integration.

7.3. Seller-Buyer direct communication

Sellers are responsible for providing shipment updates and communications to Buyers on a regular basis to ensure a high standard of customer service. All Seller-Buyer communications must be recorded on Freightos Messenger either through the platform application or using the linked email functionality. This allows to keep track of every exchange between Buyer and Seller. All interactions must be properly documented for review by Proper use of Freightos Messenger is included as part of the Seller Score, as discussed below, which measures the Seller’s success and standing on

8. Attracts Buyers

In order to facilitate increased exposure to potential Buyers, may make the Sellers’ Quotes available on third-party websites or software that employs the API. may also choose to provide specific Sellers with additional brand visibility by publicizing their names, logos, or reviews of their service. In some cases, Seller names, logos, and company profile descriptions may also be used on either or on industry freight publication for PR purposes.

8.1. Buyer requests an offline bid (also “Custom Quote”)

If a Buyer does not find a Quote that meets their search details, they may request an Offline Quote. will assign that request to relevant Sellers based on the requested scope. If determines that a Seller provides services meeting the search details, the Seller will be notified by of a new bid request. The system also allows Sellers to sign up for specific lanes and products in order to receive all bids automatically.

Once Sellers receive a notification of a new bid, they may choose to either accept or reject the bid. In case Sellers choose to reject, they will be asked to provide the reason for rejection. The offer should be submitted/rejected within 2 Business Days from the time of notification. A longer time period might result in loss of business or suspension of offline quotes. cannot guarantee that any offer submitted will be accepted by the Buyer.

The submitted Quote must be comprehensive and include all costs. Sellers will only be paid for the exact amount in the Quote. Submitted Quotes are binding and is entitled to publish and share Quotes with Buyers. Once shared, the Quote becomes public information.

Bids may be submitted by multiple forwarders and there is no guarantee that any quote will be booked. If a Buyer accepts and books the Quote, will notify the Seller by email of the Booking at which time the shipment will be visible to them. If 2 weeks elapse with no booking placed, the Seller will be notified by that the bid is closed.

Offline Quotes are covered by the same policies as on-platform Quotes. Should a Seller have any questions they should raise them immediately with

9. Acts as a Collection Agent for Seller

9.1. Payment Guarantee for Sellers Sellers can confidently accept Bookings from Buyers on guarantees payment in full for the amount in the Seller’s Quote plus/minus any additional services as detailed in the Standard Operating Procedure to the extent permitted by law. These charges should be added on the platform and it is the Sellers’ responsibility to update the system with any charges.

For countries in the European Union, where providing a guarantee is regulated, due to applicable law is unable to provide payment guarantees. The same processes will still be made to collect and ensure payment.

Should’s efforts detailed above not be successful in collecting payment, Seller is entitled to sue the Buyer directly.

The Payment Guarantee will not apply in the following cases:

  • After has performed the preliminary review and confirmed payment for the shipment, the system will update the shipment to “Booking sent to logistics provider”. This will trigger an API and email alert to the Seller informing them of the shipment details and asking them to contact the consignor to schedule pick-up. If the Seller executes a shipment that has not been approved by or executes services before verification was complete the payment guarantee may not applyֵ
  • If there is any dispute submitted by the Buyer against the Seller regarding the shipment, the Payment Guarantee will be suspended until the dispute is resolved. A chargeback automatically qualifies as a dispute and in these cases, will review the charges applied as per our policy.
  • The Payment Guarantee will not cover additional Warehousing costs or Storage and Demurrage additional charges where more than 5 paid days have been incurred on the charge. See the SOP sections on Storage and Delay Related Charges and Charges between Buyer and Seller for details. Should the collection efforts not be successful, and the Seller will work together to find a solution.
  • Sellers may only initiate collection directly from the Buyer for costs set out in the Standard Operating Procedure. Any attempt to initiate collection directly from a Buyer in bad faith will void the Payment Guarantee. The Seller must also ensure that their agents are not unfairly billing Buyers for any service.
  • If the Seller releases the shipment when has requested that the Seller holds it, the Payment Guarantee will be void for that shipment.
  • If the Seller does not fulfill their obligations for a shipment as outlined in this document and related policies, the payment guarantee will be void.

9.2. Purchase Order

Once a shipment is booked, will issue the Seller a Purchase Order (PO) representing the total amount owed to the Seller as recorded on The PO is issued by as an accounting transaction insofar as is the collection agent for the Seller. The actual contract for services is between the Seller and Buyer. The PO is the binding document and the PO amount is the amount related to Payment Guarantee. It is the Sellers responsibility to review the Statement of Account (SOA) and alert of any discrepancies in the amounts.

The shipment will be closed and the PO will be finalized 14 days after the Delivery Date (20 calendar days for Express shipments), or once the Seller closes it on The shipment should be marked as “Delivered” as soon after the actual delivery date as possible.

The Seller will be able to view an SOA of all Upcoming Payments for delivered shipments on the platform.

The Seller can also mark shipments as “Closed” earlier than the timeframes mentioned above. This means that no further additional charges can be added to the shipment and the shipment will be paid on the closest upcoming payment date, as per the Payment schedule.

9.3. Payment currency

Payouts will be in local currency (where the Seller’s bank is located). Hong Kong based bank accounts can receive payouts in HKD or USD. Depending on your payment currency and where the Seller’s bank account is domiciled, a conversion fee may be applied to the final payment by’s payment agent. Conversion rates will be based on the market rate at the time of payment to the Seller.

9.4. Net payment to Sellers Seller Fees are set above in Section 5.

Payment will be made to the Seller by, net of the Seller’s Fee and Partnership Fees.

If a Seller wishes to change their payment details, bank confirmation evidencing ownership of the new bank account will be required.

9.5. Payment Schedule

A detailed payment schedule can be found here. Payment will be issued to the bank account specified by the Seller.

9.6. Self-billed invoices for all shipments sold through the platform by Freight Sellers during the Term of this Agreement. will issue complete self-billed invoices showing the Seller’s name, address, and VAT registration number (if applicable), together with all the other details constituting a full self-billing invoice per shipment. rake and channel fees as set forward above appear as line items on the invoices issued, making the grand total equal the net payment to the Seller.

Self-billed invoices will not be issued for Third-Party Sellers selling insurance and customs brokerage services. These invoices will be issued by the vendor and reviewed and paid by

9.7. Seller Obligations for using as a Collection Agent

By acting as a Seller on the platform, the Seller agrees to the following:

  • To accept self-billed invoices raised by on their behalf through the Terms of this Agreement.
  • To update the shipment delivery status as soon as possible in accordance with the requirements set forth in this document.
  • Not to submit sales invoices for the transactions covered by this Agreement to Sellers can issue a tax invoice for internal accounting purposes but should not send it to
  • To complete all updates, including shipment status and all additional charges for all shipments, within 14 calendar days from delivery date (20 days for Express shipments) in alignment with the Terms of Service for Sellers
  • 14 calendar days after actual delivery (20 days for Express shipments), the shipment will be considered “Closed” and no additional adjustments will be accepted.
  • To notify immediately if the Seller changes their VAT registration number and/or ceases to be VAT registered, and/or sells their business or part of their business.
  • To accept that a change in the VAT number will result in a new KYC check of the Seller that will have to be completed before the Seller can resume operations on
  • To give Net 30 payment terms from the date of shipment closure. Actual payment will follow the payment schedule as set forward above.
  • To accept that all taxes and VAT will be handled by the Seller. will not add or withhold any taxes, whether VAT or other unless instructed to do so as per specific country laws applicable.
  • That the Seller has no legal restriction to entering into this agreement and can receive self-billing documents from

10. Seller’s Presence

10.1. Show Seller logo will use the Seller’s logo when showing its Quotes, on the Seller Profile Page, and in other places for marketing, and customer support, and other services related to offering on to attract Buyers and in order to generate business for Sellers. Sellers agree to such use of their logo and agree that the company name, logo(s), and rates shared on can be used by Marketing efforts may include email marketing, digital advertising, press mentions, and more.

10.2. will monitor Sellers’ score will calculate and share performance metrics with Sellers. These scores help Sellers understand where they stand and identify areas for improvement. The scores include data from customer feedback and operational performance.

Service failure in these metrics may result in suspension from Details of penalties for service failure and how scores are calculated can be found here.

11. Enforcement

The regulations outlined in this document and other policy documents are important to all Sellers and Buyers in order to provide an optimal international freight experience on To ensure this, reserves the right, at its discretion which may differ from case to case depending on the circumstances, to enforce these rules. Users who do not adhere to these rules may be subject to a range of actions, including limiting their use of, suspension of their account, application of fees, and recovery of any expenses incurred in policy monitoring and enforcement.

If a Seller fails to comply with the terms as detailed in the Freightos Master Services Agreement, this document, or any of the policies mentioned here, or if has received legitimate complaints about the Seller’s services from Buyers, reserves the right at its sole discretion to suspend the Sellers account or their participation on Sellers may choose to leave at any time by deactivating their Tariffs and contacting It may take up to 5 Business Days to perform a complete deactivation. In the event of removal by or by the Seller’s choice, they will remain bound to provide any services for any Quotes booked prior to their Tariff’s removal and service any outstanding shipments in accordance with this document. values the privacy of all Buyers and Sellers, as well as the confidentiality of their data. Should any Seller share any of a Buyer’s data or share any unauthorized information, this is cause for immediate termination of the Seller’s account.

APPENDIX A: Milestones and SLA

Information Updated in Business Days… FCL LCL AIR Express LTL
Estimated Dates Estimated dates must be kept up-to-date as a shipment progresses
Planned pick-up 1 day after booking verified. Not required if the goods ready date on platform is 3 days or more in the future
Port Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) 1 day before planned pick-up N/A
Port Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) 1 day before planned pick-up N/A
Estimated Date of Delivery Same day as Port Actual Time of Departure (ATD) Same day as Actual Pick-up
Actual Dates All actual dates must be entered within 1 business day of planned/estimated dates
Actual Pick-up Date 1 day after planned pick-up
Port Actual Time of Departure (ATD) 1 day after ETD 1 day after ETD N/A N/A
Port Actual Time of Arrival (ATA) 1 day after ETA 1 day after ETA N/A N/A
Actual Date of Delivery 1 day after estimated date of delivery
Tracking Information
MBOL / MAWB / Container numbers 1 day before ETD 1 day before planned pick-up N/A N/A
Tracking Number / HBOL N/A 1 day before planned pick-up

APPENDIX B: Tier Guide

In an effort to provide tailored service to our Sellers, organizes all platform Sellers in different tiers. This document outlines the different services and SLA’s between the Seller and depending on the Tier. All Sellers must abide by the Terms of Service for Sellers and related policies, regardless of Tier.

Tiers will be assigned based on a number of factors including the Seller’s revenue on and their Seller Score standing. Tiers may change if those factors or other criteria change.

Tier 3 Sellers

Unless stated otherwise, Sellers new to start out on Tier 3.

Seller Provides Provides
Scope of Coverage In line with lanes selected by and via Custom Quotes only. Training Training materials are provided for Sellers upon onboarding for each part of a shipment’s management.
Seller Fee 10% of shipment cost for all modes as per the Terms of Service for Sellers. Reporting Access to the Seller Overview from
Providing Track & Trace Information Seller must manually update shipments on Service SLA’s General inquiries and support requests to answered in 2-3 business days.

Onboarding to Tiers 1 and 2

Sellers may request to have their Tier reviewed once per quarter and will notify Sellers of any change in their Tier status.

A Tier 3 Seller will be invited to join Tier 2 and to publish online rates once they maintain a minimum of 8 shipments booked per month over 3 consecutive months, or a total Booking value of 20,000 USD.

Tier 2 Sellers

Seller Provides Provides
Scope of Coverage Sellers will publish rates on will advise what services and lanes are needed from the Seller. The Seller may also bid on Custom Quotes. Training Training materials are provided for Sellers upon onboarding for each part of a shipment’s management.
Seller Fee Percentage of shipment cost as dictated per mode in the Terms of Service for Sellers. Reporting Access to the Seller Overview from
Providing Track & Trace Information Sellers must integrate milestone updates through openFreight or manually update shipments on Service SLA’s General inquiries to answered in 2-3 business days.
Self Updated Rates Seller will provide data on a shared spreadsheet which will update the published rates within seconds. Pricing templates will provide templates that allow the Seller to publish rates for FCL, LCL, and Air rates. will provide as many live spreadsheets as needed for the Seller’s different services.

Manually Updated Rates Seller will provide surcharges, trucking, and Express services data on a templated spreadsheet file. Frequency of Servicing Manually Updated Rates will publish spreadsheet updates within 2-3 business days of receiving.

Surcharges may be updated as often as necessary.

Each Trucking and Express service offered may be updated once per year and may only be updated mid-year for extreme circumstances.

Please note that entry into Tier 1 will be by invitation only. Some of the key requirements involve full integration and set monthly revenue.

Tier 1 Sellers

Tier 1 Sellers are offered a wider range of services and options for publishing rates.

Tier 1 Sellers are expected to maintain a revenue of 50,000 USD and/or a minimum of 15 shipments per month.

Seller Provides Provides
Scope of Coverage Sellers will publish rates on and may also bid on Custom Quotes. will publish as many services as the Seller wishes to offer within our scope.

Training Training materials are provided for Sellers upon onboarding for each part of a shipment’s management. Additionally, will provide training for the Seller up to once a month upon request.
Seller Fee Percentage of shipment cost as dictated per mode in the Terms of Service for Sellers. Reporting Access to the Seller Overview from
Providing Track & Trace Information Sellers must integrate milestone updates through openFreight. Service SLA’s General inquiries to answered in 1-2 business days.
Self Updated Rates Seller will provide data on a shared spreadsheet which will update the published rates within seconds. Pricing templates will provide templates that allow the Seller to publish rates for FCL, LCL, and Air rates. will provide as many live spreadsheets as needed for the Seller’s different services.

Manually Updated Rates Seller will provide surcharges, trucking, and Express services data on a templated spreadsheet file. Frequency of Servicing Manually Updated Rates will publish formatted spreadsheet updates within 1 business day of receiving.

Surcharges may be updated as often as necessary.

Each Trucking and Express service offered may be updated twice per year. LTL and Express services may only be updated more often for extreme circumstances.