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The Best Logistics and Supply Chain Blogs, 2013

The copious amounts of knowledge on the internet (over 100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute) means that someone needs to sift through a whole lot of haystacks in order to find the needle. And today, we are proud to be that someone.

Supply chain and logistic bloggers can be the best possible source of information, if you select the right one. Finding bloggers who consistently churn out quality insights about freight or supply chain management, with a fresh outlook and even a little bit of humor  is hard. But we are going to try, while avoiding corporate blogs and focusing more on individuals with outstanding experience and the ability to impart it simply. So, without further ado, I present our top nine supply chain blogs of 2013 (and no, the order has no significance).

Logistics Viewpoint by Adrian Gonzalez and Steve Banker, who boast 25 years of combined experience in the field. Logistics Viewpoint publishes a weekly overview of logistics news together with a gem of a music video. But the real meat comes during the week, when Adrian, Steve (and occasionally a guest blogger) tout out real-life experience. The posts are short and sweet, which is always good.



The Logistics of Logistics by Joe Lynch is a great blog because it provides you with the basics about nearly every component of logistics. Recent articles by Lynch include overviews about air cargo, mobile apps for fleet managers, the largest carriers and more. It is essentially an excellent introduction to the field for a newbie or a brushup for someone who’s been around for a while. Lynch is the general manage at Rock Solid Business Solutions, a logistics provider from Michigan.



The Lean Thinker is a little less technical than the other blogs on the list. The author, Mark Rosenthal, provides guidance about leadership and management using Kaizen, a Japanese philosophy of constant improvement. He also leans heavily on his experience as a military commander. While not explicitly linked to the supply chain, every one of his insights is relevant to a supply chain manager.  Start with this phenomenal post about Heijunka (a method to normalize production workload). I also found this video about leadership on his website and have shown it to everyone I know.



Find me one other blog that crafts a metaphor from a Dr Suess book one day and expertly analyzes the growth of EDI the next. That’s what you’ll find at Supply Chain Shaman, a daily blog written by Lora Cecere. Lora is an evangelist of early adopter software and is an expert technology consultant for enterprise companies. The blog is updated religiously with great insights and Lora’s personal musings.



Supply Chains Matter is a statement that is obvious to any of its readers. We all know how much supply chains matter, but this blog proves it. The blog has been going strong since 2008 and is written by a respected supply chain researcher, Bob Ferrari, the founder of the Ferrari Group. Bob is great at regularly publishing articles about technology, supply chain management, procurement and risk management. I particularly recommend his series of predictions for the Global Supply Chain in 2014.



My first introduction to this field came through the book “Managing the Supply Chain”, which was co-authored by Edith Simchi-Levi. Since she literally writing the book on the field,  her blog aggregator, Operation Rules News, is a great stop on the way to logistics nirvana.  You’ll be able to find great content from major newspapers about the logistics field, as well as some other publications that are in this list.



Sourcing Innovation, written by Michael Lamoureux (aka the doctor), has a techie background, including a PhD in computer science. He has applied that, together with a passion for LOLcats and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, to create a pithy and almost overwhelmingly informative blog that is as regular as the sun rises. Check his blog for whitepapers as well and don’t forget to read his Somali pirate song.



If you like freight, dogs and you like the Disney font, take a look at the Freight Dawg. Relying on 30 years of experience, Eric Joiner has been blogging since 2007. He blogs about everything from his love for aviation to marketing yachts but really excels in providing hard information and contextualizing trends in an engaging and understandable manner.



The academic perspective is always helpful to bear in mind, which is why number nine on this list is the Supply Chain and Logistics Blog, written by Professor Bruce Hartman, who teaches logistics at the University of St Francis in Illinois. Hartman knows how to hunt the right data so you’ll find data from government sources, relevant newspaper articles and more. Boasting experience in owning and operating his own logistics business, count on getting brief but relevant updates here.