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Freight Shipping Logistics and Digital Freight

Digitalization and automation are making freight shipping easier and more transparent than ever before—and is leading this transformation.   

Dylan Sommer

Improving Freight Shipping with Digitization

Dealing with freight shipping is a complex process, with multiple parties, modes of transport, and regulations involved in every single international shipment.

But digitization and automation are making freight shipping easier and more transparent than ever before—and is leading this transformation.  

Freight Logistics Solutions

Smooth shipping is dependent on great service from logistics providers. Because this is so important, we hold logistics providers on our platform to a very high standard and leverage tech to raise the bar.

We’ve implemented a variety of features to keep freight shipping logistics providers on top of every leg of your shipment in real-time.

Plus, calls out excellence and reliability in all our freight logistics solutions so you can book shipments with confidence.

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Digital Freight – Why Now?

The global economy has faced grave challenges this year, but there has also been tremendous growth.

For example, COVID-19 lockdowns have accelerated the growth of eCommerce by 4-6 years, with year over year growth reaching almost 80% in May 2020. 

As commerce goes global and moves online, investing in digitization and data-driven infrastructures will differentiate the booms from the busts, including in freight shipping.

Enhanced technology is making shipping more efficient, more transparent, and more affordable by getting the entire process online and ensuring that importers know exactly what they’re getting when they book freight. 

Integrating Digital Freight Shipping

One important way that digitization is improving international freight shipping is by identifying where things can (and often do) go wrong and ensuring that logistics providers have the information and the tools they need to swiftly resolve any issues.

At we have some seriously smart developers focused on building the best possible marketplace platform for freight shipping. They are constantly developing integrations that help logistics providers maintain a high level of service and empower importers of any size to get what they need, when they need it. 

The Digital Freight Marketplace

Here are some recent features that our Freightos product team has added to our digital freight marketplace to take shipping logistics to the next level:

1. Seller Badges

Seller Badges are indicators of a logistics provider’s stand out service.

Badges are added to the results tiles in marketplace searches to highlight providers with the top 5 high performance scores and those with API integrations —including the Track & Trace module.

the digital freight marketplace

2. Track and Trace

A central pillar of’s mission is bringing transparency and a high level of customer service to the entire freight shipment lifecycle. 

To accomplish this, developed a platform for logistics providers to update customers with critical shipment milestone data through both direct communication and an online shipment portal

Logistics providers are required to provide shipment updates on a regular basis and ensure a high standard of customer support, including milestone reporting. details the milestones that must be updated and communicated to importers in its logistic provider service-level agreement. By giving users real time information, is enhancing transparency and efficiency so shipping doesn’t become a hassle. 

3. Shipment Health 

The shipment health bot is an added feature of’s Track and Trace API. Logistics providers using this API are able to easily track shipments, display details, and keep shipment status current.

This feature facilitates track and trace milestone monitoring and delivers real time validations on the data provided.

Whenever there’s a change in shipment, for example to the pickup date, logistics providers are alerted immediately and all action items appear on the provider’s dashboard. Keeping logistics providers in the loop improves accountability and responsiveness.

The Shipment Health bot empowers logistics providers to keep shipment tracking data up to date, resolve issues quickly, and give better service to customers. shipment health bot

4. Promotions

Who doesn’t love a good deal?

The promotions feature lets logistic providers offer special pricing that is reflected in the search results tile and included in the price breakdown in the checkout. 

Look out for a promotion badge with the clearly stated promotion value so you can save more on freight shipping. seller promotions

Freight Logistics Solutions with

Digitizing international freight shipping is an ongoing transformation that will only succeed with logistics provider buy-in. partners are utilizing our platform’s tools to automate processes, improve communication, and stay accountable to customers from booking to fulfillment. 

The marketplace model offers importers full freight logistics solutions, and lets them compare, book, and manage shipments all in one place.

Our product dev team is always innovating novel features to help logistics providers deliver the best service in the freight industry and bring smooth shipping to importers and exporters everywhere.

Smooth shipping with

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